Meet the 2020-2021 Timberdoodle Blog Team! />

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Meet the 2020-2021 Timberdoodle Blog Team!

As we kick off the 2020-2021 school year we are looking forward to sharing some fabulous product reviews with you!  We also have some fun round-ups and other activities planned, so be watching for those as well.

If you're a blogger and think you might like to join us, we accept applications all year long. Feel free to check out our expectations here and let us know if you'd like to be considered for the team.

We thought you might like to meet the current members of our blog team who will be sharing their experiences. We have a diverse group of bloggers this year, from new mommies just starting out with their little ones to older moms with grandchildren. They blog about a wide variety of topics including homeschooling, supplemental learning for public school, parenting, homemaking, organization, money saving tips, encouragement, faith, and more. They would love it if you would visit their blogs and say hello!



Amber is a homeschool mother of ten. She helps busy, entrepreneur minded families find the best tools and resources to build a homeschool that gives them the life they have been hoping for at 200 Fingers and Toes.
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Amy is a busy homeschool soccer mom to 5 boys. She blogs about homeschooling, learning fun, and mindset at Rock Your Homeschool.

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Andrea is a journalist and freelance writer, and the world's "okay-est" mom. She blogs about family, faith, and lifestyle at Andrea Beam.

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Anne Marie

Anne Marie is a homeschool mom of 9. She blogs about homeschooling, homemaking, and books at Zephyr Hill.

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Beatriz is a Christian mother of 3. She blogs about homeschooling, family, and lifestyle at La Familia Foundation.

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Betty lives with her husband, their beautiful 2 children, a cat, and a dog in Arizona. Her goal on Mombrite is to make motherhood easier, simpler, and more fun for you so that you can focus on the most important thing--precious time with your children.
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Christine enjoys small town livin' with her family. At the end of the day, she's an average mom of 3 trying to figure out how making parenting more fun for us and our kids. She shares crafts, pretend play, creative parenting, and learning ideas on The Growing Creatives.

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Christy and her husband James are wedding and lifestyle photographers. They are the parents of twin boys and a little girl. Their day to day life consists of chasing their kids all over the house while chasing down their dreams.
Follow them at Christy Tyler Photography and on Instagram.


Daisy is a stay-at-home mom. She blogs about homeschool, crochet, and cross-stitch at One Luckey Wife

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Dana is a mom to four little ones who love arts and crafts, imaginative play, baking, making messes, and having fun. She blogs about homeschooling, crafts and activities, and good deals on The Art Kit.

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Erin is a homeschooling mom of 5. She shares funny homeschool moments, travel adventures, local events, frugal finds, and more at her blog, Mommy Octopus

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Gina is a second-generation homeschooler and a third-culture kid, child to homeschool pioneers and missionaries, and mom of 2. She blogs about homeschooling, theology, books, interior design, and much more at The Oaxacaborn Blog

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Heather E.

Heather is a fast-paced, passionate, and fun mother. She is looking to gift her super mom abilities to other momz at Momz in the Know.

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Heather F.

Heather is a homeschooling mama of a fiery redheaded seven year old and the wife to an industrial construction manager. Coffee. Mom. Repeat. helps mamas with easy to make recipes, reviews of local and national travel destinations, family friendly product reviews, and simple crafts to make with your little ones.
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Heather O.

Heather is mom to 3 girls ranging in age from 14 to 24, as well as a wedding and family photographer. She blogs about photography, education, home organization, decorating, and family life at Heather O'Steen Photography

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Hilary is a married mother of 2. She has recently decided to homeschool and shares their story as they move through the challenges of homeschooling, therapy sessions and competition dances at Just a Mom Trying to Make It Happen.
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Holly is a mom of 4. She blogs about party ideas, dessert tutorials, and educational resources at Mimi's Dollhouse.

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Hope is a second-generation homeschooler and youth pastor's wife. She is a mom of 2. She blogs about homemaking, parenting, homeschooling, and faith at The Youth Pastor's Wife.

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Jeni is just a mom, standing in front of her 5 kids, asking them to learn something. She blogs about homeschooling, Montessori materials and concepts, and product reviews at Cosmic Montessori School.

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Jennifer F.

Jennifer is a wife, mother of 12, grandmother of 10, and a veteran homeschooler. She blogs about homeschooling, parenting, and family life at Flanders Family Home Life.

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Jennifer G.

Jennifer is a wife to one amazing husband, the mother of two fantastic kids, two cats that tolerate them, and a dog. She blogs about homeschooling, product reviews, and ideas for tweens/teens at Homeschool Fanatic.

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Jennifer L.

Jennifer is a wife, mother of 6, and homeschooler. She blogs about education and family life at Homeschool Happenings.

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Jessica is a mother of a young family living in a rural area of the Midwest. They enjoy being outside, learning, being silly, and playing together. Follow them as they learn and grow as a family at Table Four 6 and on Facebook.


Julie is a stay-at-home, work-from-home, homeschool mom of 4 sharing it all... good, bad and very best on her YouTube channel *STARSofJEWELS*.

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Karen is a mother of 3 kids. She blogs about homeschool, family, and life at Grace in the Mess. Follow Karen on Instagram.


Karie is a stay-at-home wife, mom, homeschooler, and registered nurse. She blogs about faith, homeschooling, family life, and time/income management at Anyday Blessings.

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Karla is a coffee-drinking, book-loving, small-town girl. She is married to her college sweetheart and a veteran homeschool mom of 2. She blogs about books, writing, homeschooling, and family adventures at Roads to Everywhere.

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Kathleen is mom to Ethan, Justin, Ashley, and Brandon, who host the QuadSquad YouTube channel where they share fun videos for the whole family. Science experiments, cooking, crafts, brain building games, and much more!

Follow QuadSquad on Instagram and Facebook.


Kathryn is currently a stay-at-home mom, and homeschools her seven children.  She has a degree in Zoology and a passion for animals and education. She shares about life, family, kids, and product reviews on her blog Cummins Life.

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Katie is a wife and homeschool mom of 5 kids. Life is crazy at her house but one thing she has learned is that the meaningful events in life happen in the mundane moments. She shares practical advice for everyday life at Life in the Mundane.
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Kristen is a housewife and mother to a teen stepson and two younger children. She is a certified social studies teacher and has worked as a volunteer at a National Park site, in the education department of a metropolitan zoo, and as a high school history teacher. She blogs about homeschooling, books, crafts, holidays, and history at A Mom's Quest to Teach.

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Lacey is a mom of 5. She blogs about parenting, homeschooling, faith, and everyday living at So Every Day.

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Laura is a second-generation homeschooler, a professional organizer, and a life-long learner. She blogs about simplicity for the home, family, wellness, and heart at Laura Noelle.

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Lisa has been married to her best friend John for over 18 years, and together they raise their 4 boys. They are a homeschooling family of faith and enjoy spending time together. She blogs about homeschooling, family, and faith at A Rup Life.

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Madeline is a wife, mom, hippie at heart, and photographer. She spends her days away from the camera doing the "mom" thing with two little ones. Follow her journey at Infinite Focus Photography and on Instagram.


Marla lives in Georgia with her husband and six children, two dogs, one cat, and a Sun Conure. She writes about homeschooling, child development, neuroscience, and the history of education on her blog, Jump Into Genius.

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MaryAnne enjoys life as the mother of four young, playful, curious, craft-loving children. Her passions include parenting, photography, hands-on learning, sewing, crochet, and anything that encourages learning and creativity throughout life. She blogs about crafts, education, parenting, and family travel at Mama Smiles.

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Meighan shares about God, daily life, traveling, food, homeschool, beauty, fun, and more on her YouTube channel Snips and Snails.

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Meredith lives in Georgia with her little family of five. She blogs about homeschooling and family life at Wait 'Til Your Father Gets Home. Follow her on Instagram and Facebook.


Michele is a military wife and mom to four kids. She blogs about homeschooling, product reviews, and family at Family, Faith, and Fridays.

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Morgan is a stay-at-home mom of 2. She shares about homeschooling, family, and organization on her YouTube channel The Coulter Coop.

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Natasha B.

Natasha homeschools her 5 girls still left at home. On her YouTube channel, Educational Roots, you will find lots of curriculum flip-throughs and reviews, updates on their homeschool journey, thrift hauls, and general homeschool videos. 

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Nichole is a homeschool mom of 3. She blogs about homeschooling and family life at Homeschool Family Stuff. Follow Homeschool Family Stuff on Instagram and Facebook.


Paula is a mom of two scrumptious cuties. Thanks Mommy Blog became a project to help guide other moms through her personal experiences and struggles.
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Rachel is married to the man of her dreams. She has 3 amazing kids, a beautiful daughter-in-law, and an adorable grandson. She blogs about faith, inspiration, and creative projects at Rachel Easley Going.

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Rani blogs about homeschooling, homemaking, and photography at Rani's Simple Living.

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Richie is a traveling homeschool Christian mom who wants to be the best mom possible for her kids. Her primary goal at Homeschool and Humor is to share her experiences to serve as a resource and inspiration for your family traveling adventures along with your own homeschool journey.
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Robbie created the Purposeful Homeschool channel to support, encourage and participate in the amazing YouTube homeschool community.  She likes 'randomness' so among the curriculum reviews, daily comings and goings, and other related homeschool ramblings, you might find some beauty, lifestyle and other fun things as well!


Roxanne is a book hoarding, coffee loving, homeschooling mama of 3. She blogs about homeschooling, book reviews, and special needs parenting at Blushing Bibliophile.

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Shanna is a secular homeschooler and mom of 2 girls in the Houston, Texas area. She shares about homeschooling, home life, and family fun on her YouTube channel Making Everyday Magic.
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Shela is a mama to 3. She blogs about homeschool management, homeschool mama confidence, and creating a homeschool you love at Create Your Homeschool.

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Tanya is a homeschooling mom of 3 delicious hooligans, bookworm, MD, JD,  and expert eyeroller. She shares videos on secular homeschooling, motherhood, thrifting, planning, organizing, and generally staying sane as she transitions from a working mom into a homeschooling SAHM on her YouTube channel Project Happy Home.

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Teresa is a wife, homeschooling mom, and grandma. She blogs about books, homeschooling, and family life at Living Life: Hour By Hour.

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Tina is mom to 4 beautiful, crazy, completely different and genuine children. She blogs about faith, parenting teens, and homeschooling at My Penned Heart.

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Tracey is a proud mama of two boys. She enjoy crafts, reading, and just generally enjoying spending time with her guys. She blogs about parenting and homeschooling at Mama Bean AZ.

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