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Nativity Reenactment

One of Our Family Christmas Traditions

One of the Christmas traditions our family has done for over 20 years now is reenacting the Nativity story. 

Our reenactments have taken many different twists over the years. Beginning in the early years we toddled door-to-door amongst homes of relatives asking for lodging and of course being turned away, "No room. Sorry." As we grew older we used puppets which we took to the homes of older relatives and retold the Story again. But when Pearl was almost a year old we began reenacting the Story ourselves "authentically" arrayed in various sheets, oversized t-shirts, towels and more!

Videotaped by Mom these tapes have provided years of entertainment and allowed us to move the whole production down to the grandparents by effortlessly pushing in the videotape. :)

As we grew, Abel became a bit weary of filling all the male roles and so we began growing the cast, from next-door relatives to whole church productions to multi church participations. Our locations have also changed from being held in our small mini-farm barn to the basement of our then unfinished home to most recently the dining hall of one of our local nursing homes. This year we are hoping that we can hold it for the first time ever in our church's new building!

So here is the first year in all it's "glory" :)
Laugh heartily, we do!!


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