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Recent Blog Reviews

Our Blog Team members are getting ready for the 2020-2021 school year by reviewing a variety of great products this summer. Here are some recent posts:

You Can Draw It in Just 30 Minutes

Cummins Life

Kathryn says, "This is such a fun drawing book to have on hand!  I appreciate that it's not intimidating and really walks you through the steps of drawing various things.  I think the target for teens and older students is right on track." Read more...

All About Reading Pre-Reading

The Coulter Coop

Morgan says, "In today’s video I’m unboxing and giving my first impressions of All About Learning Press’ All About Reading Pre-Reading." Watch the video...

Plus-Plus Big

The Art Kit

Dana says, "Plus Plus Big blocks will ensure endless hours of fun for children while they work on important skills such as recognizing colors, patterns, sorting, construction, problem solving, building, design, and more." Read more...

Kindergarten Kit Unboxing

Stars of Jewels

Julie shares, "How we plan to homeschool our Kindergartner this school year 20/21." Watch the video...

Postman Observation

Roads to Everywhere

Karla says, "We have a wide variety of table games in our collection. Some are quite complex and can take hours to play. I like having a few games on hand that are easy to learn, appropriate for a wide range of ages, and just take 15 or 20 minutes to play a round. Postman Observation is one such game." Read more...

My Very First Book of Things to Spot at Home


Betty says, "My Very First Book of Things to Spot at Home is a wonderful book that encourages critical thinking and sparks your child’s imagination. It’s a great way for you to interact with your kids and ask questions to see how your child’s mind thinks." Read more...