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Recent Reviews

Check out these recent reviews of an assortment of products from our Blog Team!

Djeco Modeling Dough Funny Faces

The Art Kit

Dana says, "Children as young as two will have fun finishing these reusable silly pictures with the Djeco modeling dough. With four tubs of ultra-soft and non-staining dough, Funny Faces is a great introduction to modeling with a purpose for preschoolers." Read more...

Dimpl Duo

Joyful Wife Life

Amanda says, "I love this for my toddler because it offers a quiet activity for her. Her older siblings also like to help her use it and she is learning her colors very fast. This is a great product to have in any home with a toddler." Read more...


The Oaxacaborn Blog

Gina says, "The neatest thing about GraviTrax is how incredibly versatile it is. This isn’t a static marble run with a predetermined route, it’s a hands-on construction set. The enclosed user guide has plans for nine different exciting tracks in three levels of difficulty to get users started, and then kids (or adults) can begin building their own track systems." Read more...

Bear Grylls Survival Camp

Project Happy Home

Tanya says, "I think this is an excellent book in so many ways for children of various ages, but especially for children who are approaching that late elementary stage because it's a great book for kids to read on their own, or for you to read during morning time." Watch the video...

Brain Fitness Knot So Fast

Cosmic Montessori School

Jeni says, "I could see this being a great activity for anyone from lower elementary up through high school (or beyond). It’d be a great way to warm up your fingers before getting into your studies, fantastic as a great mental break or otherwise just a fun way to keep your mind and hands busy." Read more...

Faithful Spy

Living Life Hour by Hour

Teresa says, "This was an amazing and very powerful book. Yet the way it was written and presented was right there at the level needed to draw my son and I both in and keep us engaged. I feel when you can write and capture the attention of people so different in age then you truly have a gift." Read more...