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Recent Reviews

Today we're sharing the latest collection of product reviews from our busy Blog Team.

5th Grade Curriculum Kit Unboxing

Stars of Jewels

Julie says, "What are we using to teach 5th Grade this year? So many amazing items..." Watch the video.


Junior Geostix

The Coulter Coop

Morgan says, "This is a fun, affordable STEAM activity for preschoolers, or really any age! It’s been a really fun thing to add to our Pre-k homeschool curriculum..." Watch the video.


Mobi Kids

Cummins Life

Kathryn says, "Mobi Kids is simple, fun, and helps children reinforce math skills while playing.  Children will naturally improve their addition and subtraction math skills while playing this game and I'm all for that." Read more.



Just a Mom Trying to Make It Happen

Hilary says, "We really enjoyed this game and it was great for our homeschool day as a quick brain break but has quickly become one of our favorite games to play." Read more.


Kumon Let's Cut Paper

The Art Kit

Dana says, "Kumon Let’s Cut Paper is one of the best scissor skills book for toddlers and preschoolers. They’re so fun, they might even keep the kiddos from cutting little sister’s hair!" Read more.


Kumon Folding Books

One Luckey Wife

Daisy says, "My daughter loves the pictures and thinks they are so funny. The books have really helped her fold a proper line. When we started the books she would fold a diagonal line instead of a straight line but after using these she has really progressed in her folding ability." Read more.


Color Catch 

Roads to Everywhere

Karla says, "Color Catch is recommended for ages 7 through adult, which makes it a game your kids can grow with. I think it would also be great for senior citizens who are looking for creative ways to keep their brains sharp." Read more.


Gobblet Gobblers

Mommy Octopus

Erin says, "I love how this game incorporates critical thinking and strategy planning.  Each game only lasts a few minutes, making it perfect for the younger crowd.  Two thumbs up from us!" Read more.