Recent Reviews from Our Blog Team />

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Recent Reviews from Our Blog Team

Our Blog Team has been busy lately reviewing several of the products included in our curriculum kits. Here are some of their recent reviews.

Joyful Wife Life

USA Scrunch Map and World Scrunch Map

Amanda says: "I've found the BEST maps ever to use in our homeschool. I've honestly had these maps on my radar for about 2yrs I am happy to be adding these into our homeschool routine. Having maps on the wall isn't an option for us with the limited space we have. Paper maps are also not an option because I don't have time to fold the maps properly." Read more...

Homeschool Happenings

Extreme Dot-to-Dot Baby Animals

Jennifer says: "My children and I have been enjoying working on Timberdoodle's Extreme Dot to Dot: Baby Animals over the summer... Even though this is part of the third-grade curriculum kit for 8 year olds does not mean that it cannot be enjoyed by older children and even adults. The suggested age is 8+. These puzzles are definitely challenging and take concentration." Read more...

The Learning Momma

Farmland Math Mat

Ki says, "Farmland Math guides kiddos through counting, sorting, recognizing colors and patterns; all those early math skills they need to be successful later on in life. But it does it in such a fun, playful, age-appropriate manner that no one sees it as “school work” (unless that’s what they’re wanting and you so you tell them it is so!)." Read more...

Family, Faith, and Fridays

Marble Circuit

Michele says, "I knew when I saw Marble Circuit being offered by Timberdoodle Co  I had several in our family that would love it.  Turns our everyone does and many competitions to see who is better and faster have been had!" Read more...

Laura Noelle

Smart Farmer