Recent Reviews from our Blog Team />

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Recent Reviews from our Blog Team

Our Blog Team has been busy lately reviewing several of the products included in our curriculum kits. Here are some of their recent reviews.


Spark and Wonder

MiniLUK Set A

Check out Rachael's video (above) for her thoughts on MiniLUK Set A.


Joyful Wife Life

Laser Maze

Amanda says, "I love this game and plan to use it a lot this coming school year. This is great to have on hand for when kids are waiting to use the computer or have finished their lessons early for the day. This doesn't just have to be something homeschoolers use, any kid would love this game. Both the girls agree that this is fun, interactive, and can be challenging. This game has become one of the favorite games in the house to play." Read more...


Family, Faith, and Fridays

The Reason for God

Michele says, "Timothy Keller is a pastor and the founder of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City.  It was there, while starting his church, that he ran into person after person who were not only asking questions about Christianity, but seriously seeking the answers.   In helping them find answers to all that they questioned, the book The Reason for God was birthed.  In it, Keller explores many of the questions he was asked on a daily basis, using not only the Bible as the ultimate source, but literature, philosophy, historical documents, and reasoning as well." Read more...


Anyday Blessings

Extreme Dot-to-Dot: Around the USA

Karie says, "We’ve added Extreme Dot to Dot: Around the USA as a fun add-in to our US Geography study this year. I’ll give you the basic details about the books, then I’ll go into more details about how we are using it and what it could do for you in your curriculum plan." Read more...


The Learning Momma

Plus Plus Big 150

Ki says, "We found our love for Plus Plus before we learned of the Plus Plus Big. Those were life changing because they’re not really a choking hazard or susceptible to being vacuumed like their counterparts, which is always a win. Also, as much as we love Legos (and we REALLY love Legos), I love that Plus Plus Big aren’t quite as painful to step on, they’re easier to separate when you want to build new things, and there isn’t a million different shapes that I feel compelled to organize into compartments." Read more...

Watch for more reviews from our Blog Team coming soon!