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Recent Reviews from Our Blog Team

Here are some more great reviews from our Blog Team.

Mobi Peeka Mirror

The Learning Momma

Ki says, "...this is by far my favorite baby mirror that we’ve owned because it’s so fun and versatile. It has a stand to prop it up for when she immediately rolls herself over to her tummy (see photo below for evidence), handles on the side so she can hold it herself as she gets bigger, and we can use it in the car because it’s soft and small enough to not be cumbersome..." Read more...


The Youth Pastor's Wife

Hope says, "While these Ringlets can be used as travel toys that easily fit into the diaper bag, high chair distraction, or teethers, my favorite way to use them so far is in the bathtub!" Read more...

Match the Baby Puzzles

She's Just a Mom

Jessica says, "My son is almost three and although this puzzle is very easy for him, he very much enjoys it. He loves animals and learning all of their names." Read more...

Match the Buddies Puzzles

Cosmic Montessori School

Jeni says, "Object to object matching is an early language work in Montessori education. Visual discrimination skills play an important part in learning to recognize letter shapes. Match the Buddies Puzzles are a great way to practice these skills and a fun first language activity from Timberdoodle." Read more...

Smart Start STEM Pre-K

Laura Noelle

Laura Noelle says, "In contrast to many workbooks for young children, it was awesome that this book was not “bookwork” alone, and really helps children engage with concepts in the real world." Read more...

Djeco Bugs

Just a Secular Homeschooler

Ronda says, "The activity set is for ages 3-6, so it’s one of those great activities for building fine motor skills. Children can make their scratchings as simple or elaborate as they would like – there are patterns underneath the blue ink." Read more...

Smart Car Mini

One Luckey Wife

Daisy says, "What I really like is that the pieces have a good weight to them. It’s not some flimsy, cheap toy. My daughter really loves this game because the wheels actually work so she’s can play with it after completing a challenge." Read more...