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Recent Reviews from Our Blog Team

Check out these reviews recently posted by members of our Blog Team:

Do-a-Dot Kit

The Youth Pastor's Wife

Hope says, "This is perfect for a rainy afternoon, or when the kids want to start an art project but you don't want the mess!" Read more...

Famous Figures

Cummins Life

Kathryn says, "These figures are such a fun resource and learning tool to have as you work your way through history.  I love that they can be used in fun ways and kids can reenact famous historical events." Read more...

Python Programming

Mama Smiles

MaryAnne says, "From a future career point of view, Python is used for data science, which is one of the fastest growing job segments, and one that is important to many fields." Read more...

Spelling You See Level A

One Luckey Wife

Daisy says, "What I like is that they have the student practice writing the letters at the beginning and say the letter sounds when writing them." Read more...

Cursive Logic

Educational Roots