Recent Reviews from Our Blog Team />

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Recent Reviews from Our Blog Team

Our Blog Team has been busy lately reviewing several of the products included in our curriculum kits. Here are some of their recent reviews.

Family, Faith, and Fridays

True Stories of War

Michele says, "The most engaging part of this series is the fact that they are graphic novels.  Honestly, that is not particularly my favorite genre, but my 7th grader loves it so it is a great fit for him.  Only a few pages long each, a simple scene is portrayed and you get a first hand account of a moment in history.

 These are NOT events you might read about in most History books.  Instead they are very personal, behind the scenes accounts.  They make you feel as if you are there, seeing it all first hand." Read more...

Anyday Blessings

First Sticker Book -- Jobs

Karie says, "I do love to keep things simple for those early years. I love reading, doing crafts, singing songs and playing games with my little learner. It can be somewhat of a challenge, however, to fit in all the things you want to do with the littles when you’ve also got older students you are teaching. A bright book with a hands-on activity built in is a perfect fit for us!" Read more...

The Learning Momma

Feelings Flashcards

Ki says, "And while I’m certain that I could teach my kiddos about feelings without the help of aids, they certainly help! There are some I definitely would not have thought to discuss with my kids on my own as they’re just feelings I myself don’t think of specifically very often. Such as “carefree,” the opposite of “worried.” We’ve definitely talked about “worried” before, but “carefree” likely would have never come up in a conversation organically, or at least not for while." Read more...

Cummins Life

StikBot Studio

Kathryn says, "StikBots are super fun and a relatively inexpensive way for kids to learn about and make animation!  We really enjoy them.  And my kids also just like to play with them as well, similar to action figures.  These would make fantastic stocking stuffers as we head into the Holiday season." Read more...


Zoology II MP3 Audiobook

Gina says, "Having access to the entire textbook on MP3 means my daughter can just tap the play button and dive into the accompanying notebooking journal, without having to wait for me. The freedom to learn independently has always been valuable and encouraged in our homeschool, but in the last month, it’s become even more crucial." Read more...