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Recent Reviews from Our Blog Team

Check out these product reviews that members of our Blog Team have recently shared:

Skill Sharpeners Geography K

One Luckey Wife

Daisy says, "The workbook is colorful and focuses on many different things; reading a map, landforms, continents and oceans, etc. I don’t remember learning half of what is in this book when I was in kindergarten I’m public school." Read more...



Anyday Blessings

Karie says, "Do you know how many variations of games you can play with just 10 dice? Well, I can tell you there are at least 77. We haven’t played them all, but that is certainly our aim over the next school year….and beyond." Read more...



Making Everyday Magic 

Shanna says, "I had no idea that my kiddos would enjoy these books to the extent that they did. I fully expected them to be geared entirely toward my 4-year-old since they are large board books with almost no words. Wrong! My 8 year old loves them." Watch the video...


Zig Zag Puzzler

A Mom's Quest to Teach

Kristen says, "Travel-friendly games are fantastic – especially for homeschooling families. If you need to go from one co-op locale or appointment to another but still want to keep your children's minds active, Zig Zag Puzzler may be an excellent addition to your game shelves." Read more...


Usborne Baby Books

Table Four 6

Jessica says, "I love that these books are simple enough that my oldest can read words to her younger siblings, but yet they are interactive and engaging enough that my youngest can point and answer the questions on the pages. This means they can be used for a long time!" Read more...


Fischertechnik Mechanic and Static 2

Hopkins Homeschool

Amanda says, "If your child loves building, this is a great set to help advance those builds. They will learn so much with the simple builds and you will see their mind working in new ways by adding new material to their supply." Read more...


Laser Chess

Living Life Hour by Hour

Teresa says, "Laser Chess is a two-player game that combines the strategy of chess with the fun of the laser beams.  The players take turns moving or rotating one of their mirrored pieces on the board and then firing their laser beam in hopes of striking one of their opponents pieces." Read more...


Mixed by Me Thinking Putty: Glow

Just a Mom Trying to Make it Happen

Hilary says, "My kids loved mixing and playing with this putty. We can't even start our school day unless they each have a tin at the table. It has really helped to make our school day run smoother. Having something they can "play" with while doing school work keeps the wiggles at bay." Read more...


Kindergarten Thinking Skills

Laura Noelle

Laura says, "While the workbooks tend to be fairly skill level specific, most of the games begin with simple challenges and move to difficult levels. This makes them grow with your child and also offers confirmation that the student is learning and mastering new skills." Read more...


Bunny Peek-a-Boo

Thanks Mommy Blog

Paula says, "Bunny Peek-a-Boo is very simple, yet also intriguing. The wooden blocks are brightly colored and with fun shapes, with a rabbit that plays peek-a-boo. In addition to the fun and cuteness, the quality of the pieces is great!" Read more...