Recent Reviews from Our Blog Team />

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Recent Reviews from Our Blog Team

Our Blog Team has been busy lately reviewing several of the products included in our curriculum kits. Here are some of their recent reviews.

One Luckey Wife

Djeco So Pop

Daisy says, "What I really like about Djeco art kits is that they give you a little booklet that shows where to put each piece on the boards. It shows you through pictures so if your child doesn’t read yet it’s not a problem. Easy for a young kid to follow and great for the parent because you don’t have to read a lengthy instruction book." Read more...

The Art Kit

Whirly Squigz

Dana says, "Babies put everything in their mouths but when you have older ones and babies, it can be a bit tricky to find things that the older ones will enjoy that won’t be a choking hazard for the baby. That’s when Whirly Squigz come in handy!" Read more...

Just a Secular Homeschooler

Farmland Math

Ronda says, "The Farmland Math Mat Bundle is a combination of resources. It’s a tub of counters, a large play mat, and then a guided manual that takes parents and students through 36 weeks of hands-on math activities." Read more...

Laura Noelle

Zoo Picture Puzzle Book

Laura Noelle says, " 

Mommy Octopus

Easy Grammar 11

Erin says, "I like Easy Grammar because it constantly refreshes what students need to know about grammar.  If there is something that a particular student didn’t learn at a younger age, it’s not difficult to learn or relearn using this program.  Each section has instructions and usually has the grammar rule in place as a refresher." Read more...