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Recent Reviews from Our Blog Team

Here is the latest batch of reviews from our hard-working Blog Team!

What's Going On Here?

One Luckey Wife

Daisy says, "Each card has a different scenario and the back of the cards have questions to ask about the picture. The colors are vibrant and all the characters are animals which is really cute." Read more...


Doodle Washington DC

Wait 'Til Your Father Gets Home

Meredith says, "Inside you’ll find very creative pages that will help your child imagine life at the US national capital. Some doodles are specific to Washington D.C., such as doodling a horse for General Grant’s statue, while others are universally fun, like decorating the cupcakes with lots of colors. But all of the doodles will inspire your child’s creativity and imagination!" Read more...


Walls and Warriors

The Oaxacaborn Blog

Gina says, "Puzzle games require careful thought, planning, and thinking outside the box. And if you have a particularly rigid-thinking child like I do, logic puzzles are a good way to practice the flexibility and creativity needed to solve problems." Read more...


24-Hour History

Roads to Everywhere

Karla says, "What I found super helpful about these little “graphic novel” (or comic book) style books is that the pertinent information is distilled down to give the reader a good grasp of the details while the artwork added in the emotions of those pivotal days." Read more...


Kindergarten Emotional Intelligence

Laura Noelle

Laura says, "Emotional Intelligence is key to every child’s healthy development. We want our children to be able to identify and express their own emotions in an appropriate and healthy manner, but we also want them to be able to interpret and understand other people’s emotions." Read more...


All About Spelling 1

The Youth Pastor's Wife

Hope says, "In just a few weeks, I saw my son start being able to pick apart words by sounds, which in turn helped him not only spell but read." Read more...


Play Me Pat Bells 

The M Word

Melissa says, "My 15-month-old currently smashes the bells, which are thankfully harmonized and sturdy enough to withstand his excited play. My 5-year-old is using the included color-coded song book to make music and is being provided an introduction to reading music." Read more...


Color Catch

Just a Secular Homeschooler

Ronda says, "The game is self-contained and in addition to a nice homeschool component to add to a morning basket or keep on hand for a challenge for a student while you’re occupied with another student, it makes a good game to take camping & on car rides." Read more...


Bunny Peek-a-Boo

Homeschool and Humor

Richie says, "As the child thinks through these puzzles, they’re building their logical and reasoning skill, a skill needed for several areas in life, such as competency and determining right from wrong." Read more...


Spelling You See

Stars of Jewels

Julie says, "Do you ever feel like it is SO HARD to figure out the right way to teach your kids spelling? This has been a huge struggle for me until now! Let me tell you how I teach my kids!" Watch the video...