Recent Reviews from Our Blog Team />

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Recent Reviews from Our Blog Team

Here we are with another fabulous round-up of product reviews from our awesome Blog Team!

101 Doodle Definitions


Gina says, "What’s the best vocabulary curriculum — one with Greek and Latin, right? Although I’m a big proponent of teaching word roots, I’d argue that for elementary-aged kids, the most effective vocabulary curriculum might actually be the one that’s the most fun. (Fun is often profoundly effective.)" Read the review...

5th Grade Art

Stars of Jewels

Julie says, "Wanted to share some fun morning warm up ideas for ya'll that you can use for your 5th grader or just elementary age kiddos." Watch the video...


Cat Crimes

Zephyr Hill

Anne Marie says, "Our children ages 6 to 13 have enjoyed this little game so much, and learned to play it very quickly because the set-up is so easy. Put the board in front of you, assemble the cat characters and choose one puzzle card to solve." Read more...


Djeco So Pop

Flanders Family Home Life

Jennifer says, "I love the fact that this kit is all-inclusive. You’ll find everything you need to complete four different art pictures right in the box. No other supplies necessary." Read more...


My Crazy Inventions Sketch Book

Little Earthling

Renee says, "I think this book is well suited for any child age 8 and above who enjoys drawing and creating. Personally, I like to always have a stash of these type of activity books on-hand for rainy days and, “mom, I’m bored” days." Read more...


Robotis Play Pets

One Luckey Wife

Daisy says, "f you want to find a great STEM activity then I recommend Robotis PLAY 600 Pets. This is by far the best project we’ve done. Once built the design actually moves! " Read more...


Sarah's Silks

Coulter Coop

Morgan says, "Today I’m sharing how we use play silks in our homeschool! We are not a Waldorf homeschool, but we do LOVE play silks! Check out some ways we play with play silks inside our home." Watch the video...


USA History Over Time Puzzle

So Every Day

Lacey says, "All five kids helped – although the youngest three were most enthusiastic about the finishing touches. In fact, at the end, the puzzle looked so cool that Piper and Otto insisted we pull out the puzzle glue and make this one permanent." Read more...


Fire Trucks Wimmelbook

The M Word

Melissa says, "I am so happy we decided to add the Wimmelbook Fire Trucks! to our home library.  I honestly, believe they would make a great addition to anyone’s home library, as children of all ages love these search and find books." Read more...


Word Fun

Anyday Blessings

Karie says, "The text of the book is entertaining, causing many giggles here. However, it is not “too” silly to lose the effect of teaching the eight parts of speech. On the contrary, I feel that the silliness helps to illustrate the power of word choice in communicating images to a reader." Read more...