Recent Reviews from Our Blog Team />

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Recent Reviews from Our Blog Team

Today we're sharing a few recent reviews from our Blog Team:


Show Me Science: Slime, Crystals, & More

Mimi's Dollhouse

Holly says, "If you have a child who loves doing things with their hands and creating fun substances (like SLIME), then they will love this learning kit.  The learning is in the fun and will help your child to build a lasting love for science and questioning." Read more...


My First Book of Money: Coins

One Luckey Wife

Daisy says, "Our daughter really wanted to learn about money since we play restaurant and shop a lot. This workbook has helped her a lot with knowing which coins she should be handing us." Read more...


Circuit Maze

Cummins Life

Kathryn says, "I love that Circuit Maze encourages problem solving skills and helps teach logic.  Circuit Maze is a great resource to have for learning about circuits and electricity in our homeschool and in our game collection and we highly recommend it!" Read more...


Jungle String Art

Flanders Family Homelife

Jennifer says, "There is much to like about this kit. I appreciate the fact the Jungle Friends String Art boards are so sturdy. They easily withstood all the enthusiastic tugging of yarn through the holes. The holes didn’t tear or pucker in anyway and the boards didn’t crease or bend." Read more...


4th Grade Kit Unboxing

Making Everyday Magic

Shanna says, "It is finally here! The unboxing of our 4th grade non-religious curriculum kit from  Timberdoodle. I was able to customize our elite kit to get exactly what we want and need." Watch the video...


My Big Wimmelbook: Fire Trucks!

Homeschool and Humor

Richie says, "I didn’t realize how wonderful it was to own a board book for toddler vocabulary until I noticed all the new words that Scout was learning just by this book. And not only was he learning new words, but he was also learning new situations, such as what firefighters do..." Read more...


All About Reading 3


Betty says, "One of the best things about All About Reading programs is the interactive games and activities that make learning how to read super fun. Instead of simply going through the rules and memorizing new words, AAR’s multi-sensory hands-on activities get your kids excited about practicing the new rules that they just learned." Read more...


Brain Fitness Solitaire Chess

Cosmic Montessori School

Jeni says, "Whether you grew up playing chess or can’t tell the difference between a knight and a rook, Solitaire Chess is for you!" Read more...