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Recent Reviews from Our Blog Team

ThinkPlay Gears Extreme

Making Everyday Magic

Shanna says, "Not to spoil your watching of the video, but I have never been so pleased to tell you that my assumptions about this product were so off base."

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Story Time Chess

Cummins Life

Kathryn says, "What sets Story Time Chess apart is its ability to teach chess to young children (no chess experience is required).  It does this using silly stores, colorful illustrations, custom chess pieces and a custom chess board."

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Rainbow Cloud Pop

Coulter Coop

Morgan says, "Today I wanted to share a quick review of Rainbow Cloud Pop, which is an amazing little game included in the 2021-2022 Timberdoodle Tiny Tots curriculum kit!"

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Clumsy Thief Junior

Laura Noelle

Laura says, "What better way to get kids to enjoy math than to entice them with a clever game that will entertain and stimulate critical thinking."

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Battle Sheep

Flanders Family 

Jennifer says, "I needn’t have worried about finding interested players. My grandkids love playing Battle Sheep, to be sure, but they’d be hard-pressed to outmatch my own children’s enthusiasm for the game — or my own! We’ve played every single day since the package arrived on our front porch."

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Dr. Livingston's Anatomy Jigsaw Puzzle: The Human Head

Just a Mom Trying to Make It Happen

Hilary says, "The brain, muscles, and veins were just so amazing to see enlarged that way. No picture in a book can rival the detail of this completed puzzle. I really feel this is a perfect addition to anyone studying human anatomy or even medical students could get use of these when studying."

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Apple Twist


Betty says, "A fun logic game that challenges your kid’s cognitive skills, Apple Twist is the perfect addition to Timberdoodle’s kindergarten curriculum kit."

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Storyteller's Card Game

Project Happy Home

Tanya says, "I hope you enjoy this look at Mrs.Wordsmith’s Storyteller Card Game... It’s a great addition to any homeschool language arts program."

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My Big Wimmelbook: Fire Truck!

Thanks Mommy

Paula says, "At first, I wondered what the hype was with My Big Wimmelbook. I thought it was another version of a ‘look and find’ activity book for kids. But as we started exploring the book together, I started to realize all the benefits that come along with, not only all ‘look and find’ books, but particularly this kind."

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Rubbabu 3D Animal Shape Sorter

One Luckey Wife

Daisy says, "I like to have them pretend that the board is like a zoo with the tree being the middle of the zoo. While our youngest can focus on putting the pieces where they go and learning the animals; our oldest can focus on learning directions."

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