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Recent Reviews from Our Blog Team

OLSAT Test Prep Level A

One Luckey Wife

Daisy says, "This test prep book doesn’t focus on any specific subject but rather it assess cognitive abilities." Read more...

Clumsy Thief Junior

Cosmic Montessori

Jeni says, "I love my kids so much, but sometimes I don’t want an elaborate activity. As a mom, I just want something practical, to the point, easy to pick up and go, but still fun. Bonus if its educational and interactive, and I can count it as school. This is all the things." Read more...


Cognitive Drawing

Educational Roots

Watch Natasha's video review...

Dr. Livingston's Anatomy Puzzle: The Human Abdomen

Just a Mom Trying to Make It Happen

Hilary says, "Every piece showed great detail and the size of the pieces were nice and large. Seeing all the details of the stomach, intestines, and the arteries was so amazing. It really felt like we were looking at the real thing." Read more...

Apple Twist

Flanders Family

Jennifer says, "The starter challenges are perfect for young novices, while the expert levels are difficult enough to stump even the most experienced players (at least momentarily)." Read more...

Pat Bells Station

Coulter Coop

Watch Morgan's video review...

Battle Sheep

Zephyr Hill

Anne Marie says, "Battle Sheep, being comprised of just two components – the moveable board grid and the sheep tiles – and averaging about ten minutes in play time, gets high marks from us for a family friendly game that young children can enjoy together or with parents." Read more...

Little Pilgrim's Journey

Laura Noelle

Laura says, "Children will be enthralled with the adventure and illustrations of this little pilgrim’s journey as he makes friends, fights a dragon, is imprisoned, and faces impossible odds to seek the truth." Read more...

Around the World Reading Challenge

The M Word

Melissa says, "Books set in different countries exposes your child to the great diversity of climates, cultures, and heritages experienced all over the world. And if you are stuck on what books to read, Timberdoodle has an E-book for purchase on their website with over 3000 suggested titles." Read more...

Diamond Quest 

Roads to Everywhere

Karla says, "Middle school students up through senior citizens will find Diamond Quest a fun challenge... This is the kind of game I like to pull out when we are camping with friends or get together with family." Read more...