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Recent Reviews from Our Blog Team

IQ Circuit

200 Fingers and Toes

Amber says, "Adding smart games like IQ Circuit is one of the ways we give the kids learning challenges during transition times throughout the homeschool day." Read more...


Mosdos Opal

Mom's Quest to Teach

Kristen says, "I feel it has been a perfect fit so far for our son. I look forward to continuing to use it the rest of our homeschool year." Read more...


Plus-Plus Big Learn and Explore

Educational Roots

Natasha says, "This is something my girls all love to do when I'm doing our bedtime reading." Watch the video.


Cognitive Drawing

Flanders Family Home Life

Jennifer says, "The results are impressive. This self-paced book contains 90 lessons." Read more...


Cat and Mouse

Cummins Life

Kathryn says, "Cat & Mouse encourages strategic planning, concentration, problem solving, visual and spatial insight and logical thinking." Read more...


Astute Goose

Little Earthling

Renee says, "Forget the endless games of memory you played as a kid, in this game the burglar is changing each turn and it takes some super brain power to keep up." Read more...


All About Reading 2

Making Everyday Magic

Shanna says, "If you are looking for a simple approach to teaching your child to read while allowing them to be able to decode the words they are seeing, All About Reading is for you!" Watch the video.


Code Rocket

Inside Our Normal

Cynthia says, "This project took our computer programming knowledge to the next level as we learned to write real code instead of using visual blocks." Read more...


6th Grade Kit

Homeschool Family Stuff

Check out Nichole's unboxing of her 6th Grade curriculum kit.



One Luckey Wife

Daisy says, "We’ve been playing GridBlock quite a lot because it really is that much fun." Read more...