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Reviews from Our Blog Team

Here's the latest batch of reviews from our hard-working blog team.

All About Reading 1

One Luckey Wife

Daisy says, "The main thing I like is that it is written in a way that I can understand what I’m supposed to do in order to teach reading effectively. The teacher manual has a bunch of tips through to help you along the way." Read more....

Math Wrap-Ups

Cummins Life

Kathryn says, "These portable, math manipulatives are great for drillwork and learning math facts.  Think of flash cards but better.  Wrap-ups are truly a great way to help everyone learn their basic math facts!" Read more...


Momz in the Know

Heather says, "These exciting books feature brilliant full page pictures and provide hours of discovery and story telling. Readers are introduced to characters and search for them on each page as they watch their stories unfold." Read more...

Mosdos Opal

Making Everyday Magic

Shanna says, "This video just lets you know how we use this curriculum. We are in our 4th week of schooling and have settled on a pretty good routine. The curriculum itself seems very overwhelming at first..." Watch the video...

Usborne Little Children's Drawing Book

Andrea Beam

Andrea says, "I’m sitting here trying to come up with fancy, creative ways to tell you that I loved this book. All I really need to say is, I loved this book!" Read more...

Wile E. Coyote Physical Science Genius

So Every Day

Lacey says, "I do like taking big scientific concepts that are critical to understanding so much of science fundamentals and creating a way for kids to learn about them quickly and easily, to feel confident that they understand the way pulleys and levers work." Read more...

Fischertechnik Hydraulic

Just a Mom Trying to Make It Happen

Hilary says, "I can not say enough about how wonderful and engaging this product was for my kids. Product however may not be the right word, machine or multiple machines is better. With five builds from a simple hydraulics demo to a giant excavator the fun doesn't stop." Read more...

Gobblet Gobblers

A Mom's Quest to Teach 

Kristen says, "I found Gobblet Gobblers the perfect game to take out for a quick break from homeschooling with books and online resources. We could play one or two games and easily pack it away or we could play a tournament and play a great number of rounds." Read more...

Zig Zag Puzzler

Homeschool Happenings

Jennifer says, "Zig Zag Puzzler is a GREAT addition to any homeschool program. It challenges the mind and requires critical thinking. This would be a great quiet time activity for your child to work on during the school day during breaks throughout the day." Read more...