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Robotis Reviews Round-Up

Robotis kits placed second on our 2019 Most-Wished-for-Gifts list. A couple members of our blog team have had a chance to review some of these kits. Check out their reviews...

Robotis Play 600 Pets

Homework and Horseplay

Roxanne says, "I think this is a great introductory robotics kit. I really enjoy the fact that this kit uses picture instructions, so that young children or special needs children like my son who struggle with reading can still build the robots without difficulty." Read more...

Robotis Dream 2.0

Homework and Horseplay

Roxanne says, "If your child does not struggle with motor skills and wants to learn more about robotics I highly recommend this kit. It is a great starting point with an in-depth look at what robotics is all about!" Read more...


Gina says, "Once you’ve completed all twenty-four projects, your student will have a solid understanding of what goes into a building a successful robot, and can dive in to endless customizations, creating bots from scratch." Read more...

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