Surprise! Curriculum Planning Really Isn't for Everyone />

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Surprise! Curriculum Planning Really Isn't for Everyone

Let's Build Curriculum Kits

Families tell us they love our Curriculum Kits but I wonder how many realize why it took us so long to offer that option.

For over twenty years we clung to the belief that if you were going to go to the work of homeschooling, you would want to hand-select each item for each child. After all, that was what our family had chosen to do!

Of course, we had always been eager to help families, and it was not uncommon for a mom to call asking where to start for a particular grade. We would give some recommendations and often that was exactly what was needed.

Late in 2008 though, Mom realized that she and Dad approached computer issues very differently. Dad is very into technical specs and pricing on each component and won’t hesitate to build a computer to suit exactly what we need. Mom, on the other hand, expects her computer to work really well, but has no interest learning about the components. If not for Dad’s knowledge and interest, she would simply pick a package that looked good to her, open the box, and run with it.

Suddenly it dawned on her that this is what some moms face when they look at curriculum. The options are overwhelming, the details don’t make sense, and what they really need is someone they trust to point them in the right direction.

That was the last bit of motivation we needed to begin offering Timberdoodles Curriculum Kits. We took our general recommendations and began the process of making sure that each grade was complete and that it made sense sequentially.

We launched our Curriculum Kits in 2009, and immediately received feedback that they were very helpful for busy moms and those new to homeschooling. Other moms loved having a starting place for their own unique customizations. Then, with a quick email or phone call their own custom curriculum would be ready to order!