The 12 Most Popular Timberdoodle Gifts of 2019 />

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The 12 Most Popular Timberdoodle Gifts of 2019

The results are in, and here are the gifts you most want this year! Some are no surprise (Mad Mattr and Smart Games) while we suspect others are more often found on parents' lists - e.g. Math-U-See and All About Reading. What's topping your list?

12th Place

"Really neat sensory toy. I love that it doesn't dry out! The brick maker mold is super cool, and my toddler couldn't stop talking about all the rectangular prisms he made :D. This is fun for the kids and the grown ups. It also encourages lots of squeezing for developing those hand muscles!"  ~ Melissa

11th Place

"My kids have spent hours and hours with this kit! We use it often while reading aloud and the kids amaze me with building things related to our stories. They were also an excellent choice to take along in the car on a long roadtrip. I absolutely recommend these!" ~ Megan Johnson

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10th Place

" of my biggest goals for my children's early education is that they become skilled readers. This program does that so is worth the price. My daughters 4, 6 both look forward to doing the reading games in this program. AAR has made learning to read like a game for my kids. I love how the program lays out the lessons..." ~  John

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9th Place

"My son received the Gravitrax for his 10th birthday and immediately opened it and played with it for hours! He has really enjoyed the ability to make different courses, use a different amount of marbles and see the chain reactions he can create. Very fun addition to our hands on learning fun! ~ K Smith

8th Place

"I almost skipped this one to keep costs down but I’m so glad I didn’t. My son is a wild 6-year-old who can’t sit still... We use the MiniLUK before starting school ork or between subjects when he needs a reset. It is challenging but in a good way! His attention to detail and concentration has really improved. Best of all he loves it and begs to do 'one more' challenge." ~ Kim L.

7th Place

"This was a big purchase for us, but our adopted 3 yr. dd is *very* active and easily bored... We have had it for a while now and it is the most used toy in our home- not just by her, but also by my 9 & 11 yr. old boys and also by my 13 yr. old daughter. It is in near constant use... I highly recommend this. My life has gotten considerably easier with this purchase." ~ Aileen Rose

6th Place


"I got this for my 6-year-old son and he loves it! These are his go-to whenever he's ready for a break from his bookwork. He'll sit and create with these for hours. Definitely going to buy more of these sets!"  ~ Summer

5th Place

"Can I leave ten stars for this review?! I am very pleased with the numerous pages of building ideas, including various skill levels allowing multiple ages to build. I helped my 6.5-year-old build the first project, and he's been able to follow the directions himself since then. My 4 yo is figuring out some of the simpler ones, and even my girls (8 yo and 5.5 yo) have fun with it! ...Very well made and totally worth it!" ~ Kristen D.

4th Place

"This is our second year using Math U See and we are loving it. Great curriculum that builds on skills and teaches the mastery approach. I love the online support and the DVD lessons that come with it." ~ Monica Baker

3rd Place

"We pulled Laser Maze out for the first time on one of those rainy afternoons where I just wanted to throw a simple ready-made kit at them and sit with a cup of coffee. My daughter begged for this one... My child loves playing with and working out the puzzles on this maze." ~ Kay Brown

2nd Place

"When our first grade kit came this was what my seven-year-old was most excited for... She tore through building these animals and loved every second of it. She still plays with this, months after we got it. She likes the challenge of taking it apart and putting it back together again. I would recommend it."  ~ Emily

1st Place

"We've always loved Timberdoodle because of these games that also serve as brain challenges... Even my mother (my kids' grandmother) and other adult members of the family enjoy helping the squirrels 'store' their acorns. My kids would even make up stories about the adventures of these tiny creatures while they solve!"  ~ Jayne

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