The Saga of the Math-U-See Blocks />

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The Saga of the Math-U-See Blocks

We know many of you have been waiting... and waiting... for your back-ordered Math-U-See block sets to arrive. We have been waiting as eagerly as you have, and we are pleased to announce they are finally here!

It was not without a little drama right here at the very last, however!

We were expecting this shipment to arrive on Wednesday. We've learned, this year, to not expect shipments until we see them, but we had high hopes that this one would be on time. It wasn't.

Yesterday (Thursday) morning Nehemiah, one of our warehouse team members, made some phone calls. He discovered that our shipment had arrived here in Washington and was, in fact, only 1 hour and 4 minutes away from our warehouse. 

But the trucking company had four drivers out sick so they would not deliver it this week at all. And there were no guarantees for a Monday delivery either. We understand about the inconvenience of sick drivers, but we needed that shipment!

So Nehemiah decided to rent a UHaul truck and go pick up the load himself. After much miscommunication with the rental company, he finally arrived back at our warehouse with the full shipment yesterday evening.

Today our warehouse team is diligently working to get those sets shipped out to you! We hope you'll have them in hand when you are ready to start school back up after Christmas break.

Whew! 2020! What a year!