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Tiny Tots New Product Reviews

Check out these reviews of some of the new products in our Tiny Tots Curriculum Kit by members of our Blog Team!

Animal Bingo

The Youth Pastor's Wife

Hope says, "This is such an amazing vocabulary building activity, as well as a motor skill builder!" Read more...

Zephyr Hill Blog

Anne Marie says, "I actually found it a pleasure to play this game with my children, and that really says a lot!" Read more...

Earth Tones Junior Rainbow Pebbles

Joyful Wife Life

Amanda says, "This is a great activity to pull out when you need to keep your child busy with something or if you'd like to spend some one on one time with them." Read more...

Gymnic Over Ball

The Art Kit

Dana says, " 

Cosmic Montessori School

Jeni says, "I love the Over Ball because it’s fantastic for teaching a toddler to catch and throw. It’s the perfect size and suppleness for catching; it has a slight give but stays well-inflated despite tons of rough outdoor use." Read more...

Pixel Baby

Cosmic Montessori School

Jeni says, "The pieces are bright and simple with only three color variations. They’re large enough not to pose a choking risk. My favorite thing of all is that this travels well! " Read more...