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Top 10 Timberdoodle Exclusives

What are Timberdoodle-exclusive items? They range from extraordinary books printed just for us to European kits customized with extra parts to fit unique homeschool families. Our bespoke (made-to-order) curriculum kits are just one of the hallmarks of Timberdoodle. 

9 Favorite Timberdoodle Exclusives:

Möbi Max Game

This fast-paced number tile game transforms necessary math drill from tedious to exciting. Grades 2+.

Developing the Early Learner

Teaches visual, auditory, motor, and comprehension skills - includes our answers!

101 Doodle Definitions

Draw your way to knowing the meanings of the most-used words on standardized tests.

Check out reviews of 101 Doodle Definitions from our Blog Team!

Farmland Math

A crazy-smart curriculum for introducing toddlers to the wonders of math and thinking skills!

I Can Doodle Rhymes

Handwriting, spelling, and even doodling are built on and expanded in this happy, colorful volume.

ThinkPlay Gears with Chains

Explore the basic physics of movement and rotation, creating power, how simple machines use chains and gears, and more.

What's New? What's Missing? What's Different?

Strengthen your child’s focus and attention to detail in an engaging, mind-stretching manner.

Plus-Plus Big with Cards

Plus-Plus has gained a tremendous following in Denmark and is so highly regarded that it is used in most Danish schools.

Draw and Learn Animals & Places

Introduce your child to wildlife and to his community while making some important precursory steps to reading and writing.

And the #1 Timberdoodle Exclusive: