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Valentines Day Learning Fun

Here's a collection of fun activities and ideas from members of our Blog Team for a Valentines Day learning theme!

Free Printables

Love Bears All Things Coloring Page from Flanders Family Homelife

Steadfast Love Valentines to Color from Flanders Family Homelife

Valentine's Day Coloring Cards from Mombrite

Dinosaur Valentine's Day Cards from Mombrite

Paper Chain from The Art Kit

Valentine's Day Mad Libs for Kids from Mama Smiles



Stamped Valentines from Mama Smiles

How to Make Your Own Fancy Paper Valentine's Day Cards from Jump Into Genius

3-D Heart Craft from The Growing Creatives

Creative Valentine Boxes from Mombrite

Heart String Art from Mombrite

3D Heart Hot Air Balloon Card from Mombrite


Sensory Play

Valentine's Day Slime from Mombrite

Valentine's Day Playdough from The Art Kit

Valentine's Day Glitter Glue Slime from The Art Kit



The Ancient Origins of Saint Valentine's Day from Zephyr Hill

What Should I Teach My Homeschoolers About Valentine's Day by La Familia Foundation



Dancing Hearts Science Experiment from Mombrite

Borax Crystal Hearts from Mombrite

Fizzing Hearts Experiment from Mombrite


Language Arts

Writing Tray from The Art Kit



Chocolate Mailbox Valentines from Mama Smiles

Valentine's Day Naan Bread Pizza from Mombrite