What Do Family Devotions Really Look Like? - Updated />

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What Do Family Devotions Really Look Like? - Updated

As a foster family with little ones ages 2.5 to almost 5 years old, devotion time has radically changed from previous years, when we were a family of grown ups!

Our morning devotion routine starts with gathering the family and getting the little ones seated quietly on the couch. Honestly, this is probably the most difficult part! Some mornings are finally almost effortless, but some mornings way more time is still spent on obedience than on devotions. Not to worry, this is both normal and extraordinarily valuable for the children. In fact, they may benefit as much from that training as from the actual contents of devotion time.

Once everyone is seated, we briefly review yesterday’s lesson and read a new chapter from The Beginners Gospel Story Bible. It is as vibrant and interesting as they are, and does a wonderful job of presenting the gospel as seen throughout the Bible.

Our church uses The Gospel Project, so we end our morning devotions with this week’s Big Picture Q & A, memory verse, and song. The familiarity of hearing the exact same thing at church on Sunday is really good for them, and it’s good for us too!

All told, this is probably a 5-10 minute process. While more could be added we’re very excited to see our little ones learning the story line and theology of the Bible in a way that they enjoy.

We’ve already switched our evening devotions to an advent theme since we have high ambitions for their Christmas memory work. Each child is invited to hold a (battery operated!) candle and clutch a stuffed goat (from “the shepherd’s flock”) while we all sing a handful of Christmas carols and then recite the Christmas story from Luke 2. It is a wonderful way to end the day for all of us!

How about your family? What is your routine? Any tips for families new to devotion time?