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Your Top 10 Gifts of 2020

Want to peek at other families' top gifts for 2020? These are the top 10 gifts Timberdoodlers would recommend to a friend this year, as voted by you! You'll find STEM for preschoolers, games for elementary students, engineering for teens, and so much more on this list. Which ones are on your list this year?

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#10. Fischertechnik

"So many options for designs and creativity. Our 7th grader and 5th grader love to build, break down and create. This is a really good team building kit. For my boys whose interest include design, engineering and architecture this was perfect!"

~Vivienne M.R.


#9. Postman Observation

"This game is fantastic. It is beautiful, it is really high quality, and it is very well thought out. I love how much it can change to keep things new/fresh/challenging, and also how adaptable it is to make it easier/harder for different age groups (or if your kids are having a hard day and you want to keep things mellow to minimize meltdowns)."

~Tara D.

Sadly, Postman is temporarily out of stock. We are expecting a shipment this week to fulfill backorders of those who have been waiting longest, but will not have adequate inventory to fulfill other orders until early next year.


#8. Gobblet Gobbler

"LOVE this game. My 5.5 yo and I love playing this together. Sturdy little game with cute pieces and great opportunity to practice strategic thinking. My kiddo lives for gobbling up my game pieces and making three in a row. Neither of us are tired of it and it’s so fun to play together."



#7. miniLUK & bambinoLUK

"This is probably all of my kids' favorite thing we ordered this year. My 3, 5, and 7y all love it and get different things out of it. I love that they can self check their answers and that my oldest can help his younger siblings figure out where their mistakes are. Super fun thing to pull out for them while I’m cooking supper or feeding the baby. Highly recommended!"

~Anna R. S.


#6. ThinkPlay

"Better than LEGO®. My daughter had never completed a kit build before the Jr blocks. She loves them. We pull them out every day while I work with big sister on spelling. She has always been able to follow the guide and construct a model from the book. It has really built her confidence in convergent building."

~Ashlea B.


#5. Gravitrax

"Best STEM option ever. We haven't actually used this kit as part of school days because our boys are constantly asking to build mazes as a fun activity with their dad after work. I love how many options come with this starter kit, and the included booklet has some great mazes to get you started and learn how the pieces can work together. The best learning toys are when kids are having so much fun they don't know they're learning and this totally fits the bill!"



#4. Story Time Chess

"Brilliant approach! Who would've thought I'd be learning how to play chess right alongside my 5 year old! Wonderful approach to teach the game. My daughter has also used the game to make up her own game using her imagination. We have enjoyed it."

~Stephanie D.


#3. Plus Plus

"Out of everything we received in our kits this year, he Plus-Plus is the favorite in our household. My 6 year old loves that building puzzles is a part of his school week. Once we took them out to try, they rarely go back in the box. Both of my boys keep going back to build something new. They are so fun to work with, the creative possibilities are endless. My 9 year old has asked for his own set for Christmas!"

~Becky Q.


#2. Mad Mattr

"My son absolutely loves using his Mad Mattr. So much so that we bought extra packets just to get more of a variety of colors. The tool kit that came with it has helped keep him entertained for countless hours. It does make a mess, but it is so worth it. We have been using it during long reading stretches to keep his hands busy while I read. As a result, it has made both of our homeschooling days so much better. We have also found the 52 ways to play with Mad Mattr in the curriculum guide full of ideas we hadn't thought of. Highly recommend."



#1. Smart Games

"Such a great independent game. I received this game with the 2nd grade curriculum package. I was a little skeptical at first as my son is not the greatest with independent activities but after showing him how to play he was hooked. Now when he gets a “brain break” he pulls that game out and I love watching how he challenges himself. It helps him become more confident with independent tasks. Even my 10 year old daughter plays different challenges. Awesome activity for kids!"

~Megan A.