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Teaching Textbook Math 5  "After using Saxon and ABeka math for years, our children have really enjoyed the switch to Teaching Textbooks. EVERYTHING is explained!..."
Wordsmith Craftsman "...this can be very helpful in enlisting them in branching out into more creative writing. It worked for us as my girls enjoyed the lay-out of the presentation of the course..."
"IT IS AWESOME !! We can't begin to say enough except that we wish we had purchased it 2 children ago !! Our son is loving it and he is not a science fan !!! ...if I had IPC way back then, who knows, I probably would have been a ROCKET SCIENTIST and a mom !!..."
"Not only will you walk away with a big picture of history, but you will also develop a feel for the people of each culture..."
"Improves your child's grammar, punctuation, spelling, capitalization, and attention to detail...teaches students to carefully analyze and edit stories that contain errors in writing mechanics and story details."
"Better spelling, reading, and decoding skills can be learned by studying word roots."
"Once again the Bluedorn brothers have taken what could be an intimidating topic and brought it down to earth. The humorous illustrations give this book a friendly feel."
"The colors are beautiful and the putty does so many different things depending on how you work with it.. I also love that it doesn't make the mess that playdough can..."
"The finest in chemistry kits! Nearly 400 experiments coupled with a thorough and well-balanced curriculum mean your child will learn first-hand what chemistry is all about...."
"My daughter learned to type in less than 3 months, and had fun doing it!..."
"960 pieces! Truly a mind-boggling geography challenge for every homeschooled teen!"
"We love Rosetta Stone. We wouldn't use anything else. Their approach is easy to grasp and fun to use."
10th Grade Curriculum Purchase an entire year's 10th Grade Curriculum in less than 5 minutes!