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1st Grade Horizons Math "This book explains each new area as it comes up, reviews without undue repetition and approaches the same area from different angles to keep it interesting. We no longer struggle with math."
Wrap-Ups addition "Wrap-Ups are a great way for a child to study independently. They are useful for reviewing math facts, science, and even music theory. ...easy for even young children to use by themselves. "
Wrap-Ups addition "My child found these both fun and challenging. Great for travel in the car. I have since passed on to my sister for her children and she loves them too!"
Language Lessons "We love the Language Lessons series by Sandi Queen! ...The pictures are absolutely fantastic!! We use these for all of our children who are school age and will continue to use them for our younger ones..."
A re "This program was recommended to us and we loved it! My girls were able to learn cursive painlessly. What surprised me most was how much they enjoyed doing the copywork of Bible verses..."
Daily 6-Trait Writing Grade 3 "I absolutely love the content in this book. It is easily managed in bite-sized portions..."
Phonics Pathway "Our two children are both strong readers and I attribute this, in part, to Phonics Pathways. It has given them a good, strong foundation in which they've been able to build upon over time..."
On the Go! "I am absolutely thrilled to see Timberdoodle stocking the Now I'm Reading! series of phonics readers. I have used these readers in conjunction with 100 Easy lessons to teach 3 children to read and they are excellent..."
On the Go " ...All the stories are engaging and amusing with excellent illustrations. Each reader gives a synopsis of what sounds and words are covered on the back cover and stickers are provided for the child to stick to the open cover once they have read the book. I highly recommend them."
Exploring Creation "BACKGROUND: Although married to a biologist, I myself am not science-oriented. My 5 participants range from 2/3 to 11/12 years, with baby in tow. ANALYSIS: The course is clearly laid out, experiments doable, and lessons interesting...."
Story of the World 3 "The Story of the World history series is great! The storytelling format is engaging enough to interest my youngest children, while the salient historical points are covered for my older kids..."
Story of the World 3 "...The accompanying Activity books are a valuable asset, cementing the history lesson with fun and memorable projects, map work, and lists of related books. They are a strong base to build upon!"
Geopuzzles Animals "Charmingly illustrated by an award-winning children's book artist, this two-pronged puzzle not only teaches continents but also shows the incredible diversity and beauty of God's creation..."
Story of the World 3 "This series is fantastic! Each lesson lasts only a few minutes, is understandable, and is interesting. I like that they cover continents, oceans, reading a map, longitude and latitude..."
Bambino "...My first grader is doing this in our homeschool, but many of the activities have been fun for Dad and the teenagers in the family to do!"
Thinking Putty "The colors are beautiful and the putty does so many different things depending on how you work with it... I am amazed at how long they are quiet while they play with the putty!"
Story of the World 3 "All of my children ages 4 and up have enjoyed The Story of the World Audio books... We listened to them all in the car. Now, my children are listening to them at bedtime. I read a lot of books aloud to my children, but this one has been great to have on Audio."
Bloco Wildcats "These foam puzzles are great. I had to assist some of my younger kids with the directions but they loved it... I think they are the neatest product I have ever seen."
Number Balance "My kids enjoyed playing with this balance. It helped reinforce in a fun way their addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts. I also used it to introduce solving algebra equations. If you have visual and kinesthetic learners, this balance is a neat math tool!"
Sit 'n Gym "...After just one week on the SIT'n'GYM chair my son's work habits improved noticeably... He and I both love the SIT'n'GYM chair."
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