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Timberdoodle's Review
Research now reports a clear connection between handwriting and language, memory, and critical thinking skills. A student who takes notes by hand performs better than students who take notes on laptops, increasing both understanding and recall. Moreover, writing letters, especially in cursive, as opposed to viewing them on a screen, is associated with more advanced brain function. If you have a child who struggles with learning cursive, CursiveLogic may be just what you need. Using a multi-sensory approach, four basic shapes, and just ten weeks, CursiveLogic will teach your child proper formation and connection for all letters. Rather than teaching each letter individually, CursiveLogic teaches concurrently all the letters that share a common shape. A single volume includes both teacher and student information.

CursiveLogic includes information about grip, body and hand placement, suggestions for left-handed students, and more.

Number of pages: 112
Format: Spiral-bound workbook
Publisher: CursiveLogic
ISBN: 9780996505710
Faith-Based: No
CursiveLogic Review by Educational Roots

review by Educational Roots

”I definitely recommend this program. It has been fantastic.”

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CursiveLogic Review by Cummins Life

review by Cummins Life

”CursiveLogic is made to be a faster way to learn cursive because rather than teaching the alphabet letter by letter as in most cursive programs, CursiveLogic's method focuses on four basic letter shapes - oval, loop, swing and mound.”

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Customer Reviews

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Love it!

I like the set up and practice of letters with similar line strokes. My son is left handed and he is finding that cursive is easier and his handwriting is neater. The lessons are easy and direct, my son is able to complete them independently.

Perfect For Our Lefty!

Easy to follow and understand, and as an added bonus my son doesn't have to place his hand at a weird angle to write because he is left handed because it is not bound in the middle! I can't tell you how helpful that is for him while he learns this new skill.

Pretty good product

I got this for my 2nd grade son so that he could learn cursive. He loves the book and is starting to be able to make his cursive letters. I wish the book would go more into more detail about each letter and the steps to make it. My son is still confused on which letter he is making, but he is learning the process of making the letters so I guess that is why I bought the product. I would recommend the product for helping teach cursive in a gentle way, but you want to make sure that your child understands the process for making each letter. I have had to get other support things to show the process in making each letter & assign extra practice for letters my son was having trouble with.

Pretty Good Cursive Book

My son is learning how to write in cursive with this workbook. I'm hoping that by the end of the year he'll be able to write on his own. I like the workbook so far, and I like that it breaks the learning down into manageable chunks. My son doesn't complain, so I think he doesn't mind it.

Yes to Cursive (the fun way)

My son didn’t enjoy this at first, but 4 weeks in and he’s excited to see his progress. The lessons are quick and simple, progress has happened quickly.