Hey Clay Bugs

Hey Clay Bugs

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Another outstanding component of Timberdoodle's 2019 Fourth-Grade Curriculum Kit and Non-Religious 2019 Fourth-Grade Curriculum Kit!
Timberdoodle's Review
Our product preview team noted that Hey Clay often feels stiff and rubbery right out of the tub, but within a few minutes of working the clay, it assumes a smooth, truly delightful texture.

Hey Clay Bugs
Hey Clay Bugs is a clever fusion of spongy, stretchy modeling clay and an interactive animated app that will teach your child step by step how to make a swarm of wacky bugs. The brightly colored modeling clay is not sticky, yet the sculpted parts hold together well. The Hey Clay Bugs app will give your artist step-by-step directions on how to build the bugs, from the selection of clay color to what type of shape to make, and where to place it. These detailed, self-paced tutorials are all your child will need to produce professional-looking models. Once his clay creation has air-dried, it is ready for display or play. Hey Clay Bugs encourages fine motor skills, spatial reasoning, and will inspire your budding professional clay artist.

The Hey Clay Animals app is available at the Apple App Store and Google Play. Use the activation code inside your set to unlock the instructions for free.

Clay is nontoxic, wheat- and gluten-free, and won't stick to hands or stain other objects. Makes the 6-eyed spider, the caterpillar, the praying mantis, the snail, ladybug, and the dragonfly.

Note: During the air-drying process (about 24 hours) Hey Clay may leave a color residue on some surfaces. To avoid this, we recommend drying Hey Clay on a piece of plastic wrap, foil, white scrap paper, or another disposable surface.
Manufacturer: Fat Brain Toys
Minimum Recommended Age: 3 years
Manufactured In: China
Faith-Based: No

CHOKING HAZARD - Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.

Awards and Endorsements:
2019 Parents' Choice Silver Award Winner!

Hey Clay Bugs Review by One Luckey Wife

review by One Luckey Wife

”Hey Clay is definitely something I would get again. They have different kits and it makes a great gift for anyone. I’d recommend this to everyone with kids 3 and up. I love the fun and creativity that come with playing with this art kit.”

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Hey Clay Bugs Review by Cummins Life

review by Cummins Life

”I love that the clay creations don't have to be perfect and can show a lot of personality in their imperfections. I also want you to know that after creating all six bug characters, there is still plenty of clay left over for your own creations.”

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Hey Clay Bugs Review by Living Life Hour by Hour

review by Living Life Hour by Hour

”I liked that the texture was a little stiffer in the beginning because that can be good for those with fine motor issues. The variety of colors was great and there is plenty to do all the bugs pictures. ”

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Customer Reviews

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Fun for the whole family 3 and up!

This set comes with 10 bright colors of air-dry clay in 18 small cans. Hey Clay is soft and stretchy and even a bit spongy feeling. It's also bright and light weight. This modeling clay is fun to hold and work with. It is not super sticky so it won't stick to hands or other objects. It's also nontoxic and both wheat and gluten-free. There is a free App but you will have to pay for or use a code to unlock the instructions for all six bug characters - snail, dragonfly, ladybird or ladybug, spider, mantis and caterpillar. The snail instructions are free to everyone. The Hey Clay Bugs set comes with a code for the App so with this set you will get detailed step-by-step directions on how to build the bugs - what colors to use, what shape to make, how to press and mold each shape, where to place it, etc. I love that the instructions are easy to follow and help the kids make creations that they can be proud of. We are huge fans of Hey Clay Bugs. It helps encourage fine motor skills and strengthen creativity and artistic ability. I love that the clay creations don't have to be perfect and can show a lot of personality in their imperfections. I also want you to know that after creating all six bug characters, there is still plenty of clay left over for your own creations. The air-drying process takes about 24 hours and once complete, your creations are ready to display or even play with! The creations become harder but not rock hard if that makes sense. They are still somewhat pliable. This set is super fun and would make a great gift as well.

Hey Clay Bugs

My 9 year old daughter loves Hey Clay! It's a small box full of little tubs, each holding a different color of clay. I like the free app that comes with the product, because it teaches you how to build all of the cute little bugs. I recommend this product to kids who love to play with playdoh, clay, or any other form of artistic medium. It's worth the money that we spent on Hey Clay, because we've used our finished products to give as little gifts to friends and family. Even after we made all of the bugs on the app, my daughter continues to be able to make more creatures during her free time, because there's plenty of clay.

Hey Clay Bugs

This product is fun to touch and handle- it is soft and spongy and stretchy, but doesn't really take shape in the same way as play dough type products. It dries pretty quickly as far as sticking together (we do live in the desert, so maybe it last longer in humid areas? tip, use a dab of water to get pieces to stick together, seemed to work somewhat for us). My main reason for a low rating is this company is all about their apps. There are no instructions in the box just a paper about the size of an index card with your code for their app and advertising for their other products. Nothing about how to make the shapes, nothing about general how-to for the product, you are on your own. I'm not a fan of the bombardment of apps (and frankly my devices do not have the space for them all) so I checked you tube and found a couple app preview videos there. But I also don't love that this is a hands on creative product encouraging my kids to be on devices- I get things like this to keep them off devices. My 11- yr old and 14 yr old enjoyed it for about a half hour then became frustrated by it. We'll stick with cake fondant- much easier to use and doesn't dry out as fast.

Hey Clay Bugs

Very easy to follow instructions with the app and the end products are very impressive. My 8 year old is obsessed with making these little guys!

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