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3rd Grade Horizons Math "This book explains each new area as it comes up, reviews without undo repetition and approaches the same area from different angles to keep it interesting. We no longer struggle with math."
Wrap-Ups Division "Wrap-Ups are a great way for a child to study independently. They are useful for reviewing math facts, science, and even music theory."
Language Lessons "We love the Language Lessons series by Sandi Queen! ...The pictures are absolutely fantastic!! We use these for all of our children who are school age and will continue to use them for our younger ones..."
Sequential Spelling "After many failed attempts with spelling programs, we have found this program to be exactly what we needed and are thrilled with it... By using the patterns they are able to dissect a word and thus spell it correctly... I have wholeheartedly recommended this to other families that have had the same struggles as we had previously."
Daily 6-Trait Writing Grade 3 "I absolutely love the content in this book. It is easily managed in bite-sized portions..."
A Reason For Handwriting "Excellent handwriting program! Each child works on memorizing and writing out one verse each week... I like this program because my son can work on it on his own and it is not overwhelming...."
Apologia Flying Creatures "Gorgeous full-color pictures and captivating, God-exalting text make this in-depth curriculum sparkle! Uses the wonderful immersion approach to learning..."
Story of the World 3 "The Story of the World history series is great! The storytelling format is engaging enough to interest my youngest children, while the salient historical points are covered for my older kids..."
Story of the World 3 "...The accompanying Activity books are a valuable asset, cementing the history lesson with fun and memorable projects, map work, and lists of related books. They are a strong base to build upon!"
Daily Geography "This series is fantastic! Each lesson lasts only a few minutes, is understandable, and is interesting. I like that they cover continents, oceans, reading a map, longitude and latitude..."
Global Animal Puzzle "The average individual can only place eighteen of the world's 193 countries. But wouldn't it be nice if he could locate all 193? Unlike other world puzzles, The Global Animal Puzzle has pieces shaped like individual countries..."
Visual Perceptual Skill Building "Visual perception is among the last skills a child develops, yet it is a skill that he will use for a lifetime, whether he is reading, finishing a puzzle, or doing open heart surgery..."
Thinking Putty "The colors are beautiful and the putty does so many different things depending on how you work with it... I also love that it doesn't make the mess that playdough can..."
Story of the World 3 "All of my children ages 4 and up have enjoyed The Story of the World Audio books... We listened to them all in the car. Now, my children are listening to them at bedtime. I read a lot of books aloud to my children, but this one has been great to have on Audio."
3-D Muscle & Skeleton "The 3-D Muscle & Skeleton Puzzle is one of the most versatile 3D puzzles, as it offers a highly-detailed look at both the human skeleton and its muscles, showing the skeleton, muscles, and major arteries and veins..."
Hearing Music "First it built up my first grader's confidence and then it began challenging him to be a careful listener. My fifth grader says it makes learning music theory fun! ...What a delight."
Building Thinking Skills Book 1 "Amazing in its scope and sequence; this workbook was always a highlight of our school year..."
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