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Teaching Textbook Math 5  "My son asks if he can keep doing more math--he likes it that much! I love that he has someone to show him step-by-step how to come up with the answer. I am not a math person myself..."
Easy Grammar "In ten minutes a day, with no timely preparations, my son has learned more in 3 months than he has ever learned with other programs."
Daily 6-Trait Writing Grade 3 "I absolutely love the content in this book. It is easily managed in bite-sized portions..."
"After many failed attempts with spelling programs, we have found this program to be exactly what we needed and are thrilled with it... By using the patterns they are able to dissect a word and thus spell it correctly... I have wholeheartedly recommended this to other families that have had the same struggles as we had previously."
"Our family enjoyed this science book because it was a relaxed approach with coloring pages to keep young ones occupied, easy experiments, and everything laid out for Mom."
"This dvd course saved Biology from just being another textbook course for my kids. I LOVE it..."
"The text is so interesting that I like to read it to my children, even though they are old enough to read it themselves..."
"...My daughter loves to read and the workbook is just enough hands-on reinforcement without containing too much busy-work."
"The All American History, Volumes 1 and 2, are the best history program I have used for middle school and high school... I would recommend this history curriculum to anyone."
"A 3D puzzle that your child builds is an excellent way for him to learn basic geography in a hands-on fashion. Sturdy construction makes this a tool you'll use again and again."
Daily Geography "This series is fantastic! Each lesson lasts only a few minutes, is understandable, and is interesting. I like that they cover continents, oceans, reading a map, longitude and latitude..."
"Develop critical and creative thinking skills with these popular, quick, and enjoyable thinking puzzles and games."
Thinks-A-Grams "Puzzled by the cover image? (mill1ion) Why that is one-in-a-million of course! Fuel your student's brain with these fascinating puzzles."
"Yes, these are the grid puzzles you remember from your youth: Tom, Sally, Johnny and Susie bought a cat, dog, bird and fish. Figure out who bought each with the clues below..."
"The colors are beautiful and the putty does so many different things depending on how you work with it..."
"Amazing in its scope and sequence; this workbook was always a highlight of our school year..."
3-D Skull "This ingenious, thirty-nine-piece puzzle of the Cranial Nerve Skull can be put together and pulled back apart countless times, which is perfect for families with many children..."
Tintin Book "The Tintin book, of course, was devoured by my son. I have almost the entire collection from when I was younger. I can't believe those books are 30 years old now! We read them all the time..."
Core Science "Finally! Core Science MS-1 provides a hands-on way for your student to review every essential science theme for grades 5-8. From the human body to chemical reactions, soil analysis, optics, rockets, electricity, circuits..."
6th Grade Homeschool Curriculum Purchase an entire year's 6th Grade Curriculum in less than 5 minutes!