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Teaching Textbook Math 5  "If math intimidates you, and the idea of teaching the higher levels has you re-thinking homeschooling high school, you can re-think THAT thought. Your kids can learn that stuff without you (and you can go through it at night to catch up with them!"
Write Your Roots "This amazing program contains thirty weeks of lessons all revolving around discovering and recording his family history. Not only will your child grow in writing skills, but you will end up with a collection of stories worth keeping."
Daily 6-Trait Writing Grade 3 "In just ten to fifteen minutes a day, your child will be functioning at his grade level and be competent to undertake any state or college prep tests..."
"Students who complete this course will have a strong foundation for college studies in science and theories about the origin of life... Lab experiences are not necessary to fulfill the requirements of this course, making this an ideal program for most home-taught students..."
"Precepts of Anatomy and Physiology will not only teach your older child about the interdependency of body systems bone, tissue and organs of the incredible human body; it will also delve into that awkward topic, reproduction..."
"This little anatomy puzzle has been a welcome addition to our science curriculum. It provides a perspective on the human body that cannot be achieved through two dimensional/paper illustrations, and it is extremely portable..."
"As a child, history was boring to me! But Linda Hobar has completely changed my opinion. She writes in a very personable style, and tells fascinating stories about the people and events of history..."
"The Mystery of History series has made teaching history in our homeschool very simple. ...There are great activities for younger, middle and older students. I can pick which ones fit my child's needs and interests at the time."
"Why drill basic skills such as punctuation the hard way when you can use Editor In Chief? Each week’s drill includes a fake newspaper picture and accompanying article, laden with errors. Can your student correct them all?"
"The thirty-six short (short!) lessons in recognizing bad reasoning require no preparation, cover all the basics of logical thought without being "teachy," and keep us laughing..."
"I have one very happy 12 year old boy who has not stopped playing with his Thinking Putty since he received it on Saturday night – he is positive that the putty will contribute to his intelligence, not to mention his hand and arm strength..."
"Wow! Study genetics and DNA in a hands-on fashion with this kit. Isolate the tomato DNA in a test tube, discover dominant and recessive genes, learn how chromosomes are combined..."
" It has been the easiest, most efficient way to teach typing and cost effective to boot... It is even fun for Grandma. We couldn't get her to quit playing "Shark Attack". ...WE LOVE IT!"
"With this graphic novel format even your reluctant readers will enjoy reading the classics!"
"...I can now say that this product is well worth the price. For user-friendliness it just can't be beat. The teaching method is wonderful and very effective."
Pre-Kindergarten Curriculum Purchase an entire year's 9th Grade Curriculum in less than 5 minutes!