2021 Kindergarten Additional Student Kit

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Easy and Convenient Additional Student Pack

Our additional student kits are designed for families who have a 2021 Kindergarten Curriculum Bundle and are homeschooling more than one student in the same grade. Since our kits are updated with different items every year, families who purchased a curriculum kit in prior years may need teacher’s guides or other items that are not in our Additional Student Kit. If you would like to contact us, we would be happy to help you create a custom kit that includes everything your child needs this year. You don't need to buy an entire second curriculum, and you don't even need to sift through and figure out what you need, because we've done the work for you. 

Save Money Teaching Multiple Children
Our Additional Student Kit includes only the consumable items for this grade level, saving you money when you are homeschooling more than one Kindergarten student this year. Purchase one complete bundle, then buy only this money-saving Additional Student Kit for the second student.

What's Included?

Customer Reviews

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Kinder extra student

We have twins so even though we ordered the kindergarten elite kit we still need the extra disposable workbooks. Having the option to just by the disposables is a great for a mom of multiples or a mom reusing kits from one year to the next for siblings. I noticed after I ordered that several of the companies do allow for in home personal use duplications of their material ...which may have saved money on the front end but to copy an entire workbook (let alone several workbooks) may run a bit costly...but may be worth looking into if you're looking to save a few dollars. I personally liked the simplicity of ordering the extra student kit and each student having exactly what they needed.

Stephanie K.
Great asset and so helpful!

When I decided to homeschool my twin sons this year, I was relieved to find that Timberdoodle offers a way to easily double the supplies each kid should have. It has been great to share a lot of the items that come in the base kit, but obviously I knew I’d need two of things like workbooks and other consumables. This supplementary kit did all the thinking for me!

Kindergarten Additional Student Kit

This additional Kindergarten kit includes everything you would need for an extra student. I have triplets so I ordered two additional kits. This is a well rounded curriculum that's super easy to start right away. Highly recommend this for your extra students when purchased with the Kindergarten Kit.

Anna P.
Kindergarten Additional Student Kit

WE LOVE these curriculum kits! This Kindergarten kit has perfectly fit all 4 of our children who have been through it so far and I look forward to using for our 5th and 6th as well!