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What's Up? Student

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What’s Up? Discovering the Gospel, Jesus, and Who You Really Are
This outstanding gospel-centered, biblically-driven curriculum is the perfect resource for your 10- to 14-year-old child. Using illustrations, stories, and interactive activities, this appealing workbook will help your child understand why the gospel really is good news.

What’s Up? targets the difficult questions of identity and purpose and encourages fifth- through eighth-grade children to grapple with their own need for Christ. Fresh, engaging, and aimed for the heart, What’s Up? tackles issues, insecurities, and sins that we all deal with daily.

There are 15 weekly lessons, each designed to take about 90 minutes. However, in a home setting we encourage you to go at a slower pace, expanding it to 27 weeks of 45-minute lessons. This student guide offers age-appropriate activities, fun illustrations, questions to think about, and personal application activities for home. There is also a corresponding guide just for teachers/parents, filled with easy-to-understand instructions, notes, helps, and directions to make teaching the gospel to children clear and simple, available here. While specifically designed for a group, a parent willing to invest the time to prepare and, more importantly, willing to discuss answers, will fill the gap nicely. When our children reached around middle school age we had a special season of time for discipleship, and I see What’s Up? effortlessly taking that to a new level for families today.

What’s Up? consists of three parts: (1) The Gospel, (2) Your Heart, and (3) a Changed Life—with five lessons in each. Here is an overview of what is covered:

Unit 1: The Gospel
1. Oh . . . Now I See (Big Idea: Seeing Jesus)
2. That’s My Whole Life Story (Big Idea: The Gospel Story)
3. My Tongue Is Connected to My—What? (Big Idea: Sin of the Heart)
4. Hmm . . . What Grades Do I Get? (Big Idea: Justification by Faith)
5. Presents? For Me?! (Big Idea: Holiness and Fighting Sin)

Unit 2: Your Heart
6. But I’m a Good Person (Big Idea: Two Kinds of Repentance)
7. Do I Love God? Um (Big Idea: Big Forgiveness and Big Love)
8. Yes, I Worship Idols (Big Idea: Real-Life Idols)
9. Look! Shark! (Big Idea: Confronting Unbelief Lesson)
10. That’s My Dad! (Big Idea: Living as God’s Child)

Unit 3: A Changed Life
11. Grrr . . . That Makes Me SO Mad! (Big Idea: Resolving Conflicts)
12. I’m So Sorry—NOT! (Big Idea: False Repentance)
13. I’m So Sorry—Really! (Big Idea: Godly Repentance)
14. I (Gulp) Forgive You (Big Idea: Forgiving Others)
15. Let’s. Keep. Going. (Big Idea: A Lifetime of Faith)

What’s Up? is the perfect example of what Jack Klumpenhower was driving at in Show Them Jesus. This material is gospel saturated, biblically grounded, age appropriate, engaging, easy to follow, and easily adaptable. This is a model for how to teach the gospel and its implications to kids. I hope to see more of this material made for kids younger than 5th grade and older than 8th grade. If you are looking for new material for Sunday School, homeschooling, or even a Wednesday night program, then this is for you!

"Words can't express how thankful I am for this curriculum. As a former middle school Bible teacher, I know how impossible it is to find truly gospel-centered material presented in a format that young people can process...and will find interesting at the same time. In a church youth culture awash with moralistic messages and frilly silliness, What’s Up? sets the standard of good news written for young minds. Seriously . . . I can’t recommend it too highly." --Elyse Fitzpatrick, Author of Good News for Weary Women and coauthor of Give Them Grace

"If you read Jack Klumpenhower’s book, Show Them Jesus, but didn’t think you could teach as well as Jack does—don’t worry. The What’s Up? curriculum and teacher’s guide give you everything you need to teach your middle school students the same amazing gospel lessons Jack presented in his book. You’ll have parents thanking you for the amazing way their kids are learning deep gospel truths like justification, adoption, how to recognize false repentance, and how to offer true forgiveness. It doesn’t matter what curriculum you are currently using with your middle school, put it on hold and get your kids through this material—that is what I am going to do at my church." --Marty Machowski, Family Life Pastor and author of Long Story Short and Old Story New, The Gospel Story Bible, the Gospel Story for Kids curriculum and Prepare Him Room.
Authors: Debbie Harrell & Jack Klumpenhower
Pages: 152
Publisher: New Growth Press; First edition (January 19, 2015)
Language: English
Bible Version Base: ESV (English Standard Version)
ISBN: 9781939946720

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