Why do children like Bob Books?

First, the time-honored Bob Books are not only sized just right for little hands, but the stories are also short and sweet. In fact, the very first book is a mere 22 words, told over eight pages. Yet there is great satisfaction for your youngster as he completes his very first book.

Secondly, these lighthearted books contain a bit of wacky mischief. In the first book, overweight Mat sits on cone-shaped Sam, an action that has not failed to amuse children for over 30 years.

Finally, because of the simple text and clean cartoon-type illustrations, children who are easily prone to distractions will have an easier time focusing and ultimately mastering phonics.

Each set of books contains a card with an introduction to the series and 10 to 12 parental teaching tips and stores neatly in reclosable boxes.