Mind Benders Level 1

Mind Benders Level 1

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Mind Benders
When I was about ten years old, my parents, with their six daughters ages two to eleven, spent the summer driving a Dodge van from Panama to Oregon, then over to Michigan. Cars in those days did not have media centers, and if ours had a working radio or air conditioner, it was a well-guarded secret. But what we did have were several large tote bags of puzzle books. It was on this trip that I was first introduced to this absorbing type of puzzle. Mind Benders are deductive thinking puzzles that develop vital logic, reading comprehension, and mental organization skills necessary for solving real-life problems.

Levels spiral in difficulty within grade ranges. Mind Benders Level 1 and Mind Benders Level 2 are intended for children as young as four years old. With your assistance, your child will think about each story and its clues; identify logical associations between people, places, and things; and then deduce how it all fits together. A child that can master these skills at four or five years of age will almost certainly find that the twin academic challenges of reading comprehension and mathematical story problems will be nonissues in the years to come. Includes step-by-step instructions and detailed answers.

Best-selling deductive thinking puzzles.
Develops reading comprehension, logic, and problem solving.
Prepares your child for testing.
Great for developing real-life, problem solving skills.

Publisher's Information
Author: Michael Baker
Activities: 44
Black and White:
Binding: Paperback
The Critical Thinking Co
Printed In:
Yes, for use within your own home or classroom. Not for any commercial entity or organization.

Awards and Endorsements:
Mensa Recommended Materials for the Gifted
Practical Homeschooling Logic Award
Cathy Duffy 101 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum
Practical Homeschooling Software Award
Creative Child Magazine Preferred Choice Award
Cathy Duffy Top 100 Award
Learning® Magazine Recommended Resource for Successful Teaching
The Well-Trained Mind Recommended Resource for Logic and Critical Thinking

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Awesome Book

I always like to include thinking items into our homeschool. I want our kids to be able to critically think about a problem and find a solution on their own or with some help if they need any. If you are regular to my blog then you know we love our games from Timberdoodle so when I saw this book on their website I had to get it. Mind Benders is a great little workbook to add in during the week as an extra fun activity. 

The whole workbook is deciding which one goes with the other. Example: does dad/son/daughter have a cat, dog or shark as a pet based on the clues given. Since our daughter is 4 I do read the clues to her. All the rest is on her but I will answer any questions she has along the way. 

What I love to do is just sit back and see her come up with the solution on her own. Doing her own thought process building her critical thinking skills and she gains a ton of confidence and pride knowing she was able to get the answers on her own. 

Nice brain warmup!

My son loves “hard” things, and this book has been fun to explore with him. We use it before the “meat and potatoes” of our lessons as well as between subjects to keep the flow going.

My daughter loves this book

My daughter really loves doing this puzzle book. She's seen me doing logic problems frequently, and was so excited to have a book of her very own. She needed a little support at first, but quickly caught on, and has increased her deductive skills.

Nice puzzle book

This is a good logic book, but I think it’s too difficult for 4 year olds. It’s more appropriate for 6-7 years. It’s a difficult skill to grasp, and younger kids may have a harder time with this.

Good Introduction to Logic Puzzles

My son has seen me do logic puzzles often, so he was excited about trying them himself this year. He has really enjoyed this book. He flew through the first 10 or so puzzles, but they become more difficult throughout the book, and in the last quarter of it he is really having to think to figure it out. Sometimes he needs help from me, because he has trouble with the negative clues (Mom does NOT have a 4-legged pet, etc.). He wants to mark Yeses, and doesn't always get that marking something as a No is just as useful. But that's good! He's learning! I asked him if he wanted me to get him the second level and he said yes, so we are purchasing the next one.

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