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5 Star Review Highly recommended!
The Reading to Learn Readers are books that our family cherishes. We have used these not as reading program, but simply as wholesome reading. My children are challenged by the text, yet seem to come away from these much more calm and focused on the way God calls us to live. The wording is perfect for the designated age. The stories always grip their attention and leave them thinking about the story long after it has been read. Highly recommended!
Reviewer: Hilary B. from Edgewater, MD

5 Star ReviewMy daughter has enjoyed this book very much
I Wonder, part of the Reading to Learn series from Christian Light Education, is an excellent reader. My daughter has enjoyed this book very much. The book is hardback and very high quality. The print is large and some of the words are typed in bold, which are listed as vocabulary words in the back of the book by chapter as well as in alphabetical order. There are some pictures and poems throughout. What I really like about this (and the other books in this series) is that the stories are interesting and wholesome. The book is also long in duration, 216 pages, so it can be used for a long period of time. There is also a list of study words for each chapter in the back of the book, which is helpful for vocabulary and spelling. These words are easy to find in the chapters because they are in bold print. I do think that the reading is advanced for early 1st graders, but it could be used later in the school year.
Reviewer: Angie G. from Germantown, Maryland