Touch-Type Read and Spell 1-yr Access

Touch-Type Read and Spell 1-yr Access

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Timberdoodle's Review

What is TTRS?
TTRS stands for Touch-type Read and Spell. We know of no other program like TTRS that teaches typing skills while so thoroughly reinforcing phonics. Research confirms that TTRS is beneficial for typing students, beginning or struggling readers and spellers, and students with dyslexia or visual impairment.

TTRS for Touch-Typing
TTRS is a straightforward, step-by-step course for learning touch-typing. No frills, no distracting peripheral graphics, just simple typing instruction. The lessons are understandable and incremental, designed so your child can experience rapid, continuing success.

TTRS for Phonics
While TTRS does not explicitly teach phonics, it reinforces and practices phonics comprehensively and methodically. TTRS begins by teaching the student how to touch-type and read “a, e, i, o, u.” Next, it begins teaching simple words through what is called “onset and rime” – in other words, through word families; for example, fed, wed, led. Throughout the course, the words slowly and systematically increase in complexity, just as they do in phonics-based reading and spelling programs.

TTRS for Dyslexia
TTRS is used by dyslexia associations worldwide, including the British Dyslexia Association, and it is beneficial for students with dyslexia in a variety of ways.

First, many students with dyslexia or visual impairment find it easier to type than to handwrite. Thus, learning touch-typing will allow students to express their thoughts, stories, or assigned schoolwork without becoming bogged down and distracted by handwriting and letter formation.

Second, some students with dyslexia struggle with their short-term memory. Since TTRS teaches through extensive repetition, it is ideal for helping students retain more phonics and typing skills long term.

Third, because touch-typing is by nature hands-on, it is effective for students who are kinesthetic learners and those who benefit from a multi-sensory approach. As they hear the letters and words spoken through the headphones or speakers, see the letters and words printed on the screen and the on-screen keyboard that demonstrates which fingers to use for each key, and touch the keys with their fingers, students will get a well-rounded multi-sensory approach to reading and spelling. Or, as TTRS puts it, they will learn to “spell with their fingers.”

How Do I Know if I Should Buy TTRS?
TTRS may be a great solution for your family if any of the below statements are true about your family:

“I want my child to learn typing, and he needs something straightforward and non-distracting.”

“My child is learning to read or spell, and could really use a reinforcing computer program.” “My child struggles with reading or spelling, and needs something that will take him back to the basics and beyond, without seeming childish.”

“My child has dyslexia, and would benefit from enjoyable reading and spelling practice that will offer quick success and positive feedback.”

How TTRS Is Delivered?
"Individual" includes one year’s subscription to TTRS for one student, plus teacher access. "Family" includes one year's subscription to TTRS for up to five students, plus teacher access.

Within one business day of when you place your order, you will receive a code from us with details and instructions to activate your subscription. From then on, you can access it as often as you like throughout the year, though you will need internet to use it (it’s not a download). 

How Much Time Is Needed To Teach TTRS?
The average time to complete the whole course, one hour per week, is around 12 - 18 months depending on the speed of the student. However, an hour each day will allow much faster progress.


System Requirements

"Individual" includes one year’s subscription to TTRS for one student, plus teacher access.
"Family" includes one year's subscription to TTRS for up to five students, plus teacher access.

Because Touch-Type Read and Spell is entirely browser based, you only need speakers, a keyboard, and an internet connection. This means that it's compatible with both Windows and Mac. You can even use your iPad with bluetooth keyboard.

Touch-Type Read and Spell offers a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee and they have graciously allowed us to offer the same. If the product does not work out for you, you may reach out to us to cancel within 30 days of purchase for a full refund.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Jennifer M.
We adore this program!

We are in year 3 of this program and I can't say enough good things. My daughter has been doing it the longest, and my boys about a year and a half. All three kids can type so well now. They never complain and diligently do 2 to 3 modules daily. It is painless. They like getting their scores and trying to beat them. They have a graph to see their progress or if some modules need to be redone. Once you are in the program for a bit, the spelling words get more complicated and at that point, we use it for their spelling program. Love love love it! I recommend it to everyone and have 4 other families signed up for it. We has tried countless typing programs from game based, to free to book based. All of them were dropped within a few weeks. My kids like this one. They like that you can adjust the speaker from a male voice to a female voice to an American accident or a British accent (they hands down prefer British :) Great program!

Kelli R.
A Win!

Touch-Type Read and Spell has been a huge victory for our home. We purchased the family license for our dyslexia household. It is improving everyone’s typing, but also spelling! It can be difficult to find programs that do not make older students feel like they are using a program meant for much younger audience, but TTRS has delivered. Thank you Timberdoodle for the wonderful recommendation.

Simple Short Spelling and Touch Typing

With a child who struggles with writing and spelling, moving him to the typing as efficiently as possible is a huge goal. This program's repitition really helps with spelling and reading. The shortness of the lessons (roughly 4 minutes for my slowest typist) allows leeway for both short attention spans and for kids who like to feel like they're moving through faster than they need to. I'm really impressed with this program and love that my 9 and 11 year olds can do it on their own!

Great for all my Kids

I have one kid who is a great speller, but needed typing. I have another who is a horrible speller and okay typist. And I have a third kid who struggles with dysgraphia. This program is perfect for every single one of them And it means that I don't have to spend hours on spelling anymore.

William C.
Great Program

I love how simple this program is for my son to navigate. The guiding hands are spectacular in learning where his fingers go and which ones to use. The modules are not overbearing. What is really beneficial is the repetition. My son uses this every weekday and is learning how to spell common words with ease. Wonderful investment.