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Why Timberdoodle?
Why Timberdoodle?

#1) Family Owned and Operated Since 1985
Timberdoodle was founded for one reason: meeting the needs of fellow homeschoolers. We aren't here for your money (though we'd never exist without your purchases!) but we want your family to find homeschooling to be stress-free and bursting with excitement and will do whatever we can to make homeschooling a feasible endeavor for your family!

#2) We Offer 3 Crazy-Smart Kit Options for Each Grade
  • Basic kits for those on a strict budget or combining more than one grade.
  • Complete Kits for you who are looking for an all-in-one solution with a mix of hands-on exploration and workbooks.
  • Elite Kits which include all the bells and whistles, the crazy-smart tools that will make this year so memorable for you and your child.

  • #3) Since We Don't Self-Publish, We Have the Freedom to Only Pick the Best Products
    Every single year we reevaluate every item in every kit. If it's no longer the best available or if our own family wouldn't use it, we replace it. Each kit contains the best items available, it's that simple.

    #4) Critical Thinking Skills are the Backbone of All Our Curriculum Kits
    You will not find another complete curriculum with such an emphasis on thinking skills. From comprehensive programs to hands-on manipulatives, we know that your child needs to be able to think logically to succeed in any other area.

    #5) We Incorporate a Wide Selection of Innovative Hands-On Educational Tools
    You've probably heard of Story of the World, but did you know we also include MiniLUK tiles, Robotics, Art Kits, Thinking Putty, Wrap-Ups, and Famous Figures? And that's just in first grade! You'll find the varied approach stimulates the brain while encouraging all learning styles.

    #6) Timberdoodle Encourages Independent Learning
    As a teaching parent, you don't want to be spending all your time in teacher prep or holding your child's hand through all his lessons. Neither do you want to agonize over missing a day's work because of a doctor's appointment. Instead, we advocate helping your child become an independent learner just as soon as he's ready. We use a weekly checklist approach so that your child will easily know when he has completed all this week's work. Read more about why we encourage independent learning here.


    So, whether you are a veteran teaching parent or a bewildered newbie, we now have what you need. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.


    When we started our business in 1985, it was the ability to build your own curriculum that set Timberdoodle apart. While we still offer parents the ability to tailor their curriculum to their unique family, we meet more and more families each year who are simply not comfortable with that particular aspect of home teaching. For those of you who would rather someone else put the curriculum together so you don't have to wrestle through those decisions, we are delighted to offer what we believe is the best of the best in convenient packages.––>