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    Timberdoodle's Annual Damaged Sale is a massive sale with literally hundreds of different items included. Generally, items begin selling out within minutes so if you've never been part of a Timberdoodle Damaged Sale, there are a few things you may want to know: 

    Prices are Low, Quantities are Limited!

    Our warehouses are bursting at the seams and our construction project is far from completion, yet we have so many exciting additions for 2023. The solution? Clear out every single dented item and beloved closeout to make some space around here! These items are definitely priced to fly off the shelf.

    Every Item is Useable

    Many items in this sale have some sort of imperfection due to manufacturing flaws, damage incurred in shipping, or an overly-enthusiastic employee. This is generally something like damaged packaging, a dented corner, or a scuffed or crinkled cover on a book.

    Fear not, this merchandise is absolutely in suitable condition for any family's use. In no case will we ship a product with damage that inhibits the usefulness of the product. Closeout items may or may not have any damage at all, but are included at the same low price to allow us to move along our 2022 inventory and make room for the 2023 newbies.

    Be Fast

    If you and someone else have the same last copy of _ in your cart, whoever checks out first will get it. As soon as the other family checks out, that book will disappear from your cart since it is no longer available. Because many damaged items tend to sell out extraordinarily quickly, we urge you not to delay completing your order. We don't want you to be disappointed by putting an item in your shopping cart, then later upon checkout finding it sold out. Unfortunately, until you check out and commit to your purchase, you really won't know for sure what you have. We know that can be irksome, but we have yet to find a more satisfactory solution.

    Some Limits

    So that as many customers as possible can benefit from this sale, we reserve the right to limit quantities to three of any single item… you may purchase as many different damaged items as you like, but not more than three of any one specific damaged item. (Should you want four copies of the same workbook for your four kids, don't worry. In most cases this is not something we need to be sticklers on, but after having some storefronts grab up stacks of books before our customers could check out we felt we needed to add this clause.)

    Items Sold As-Is

    Because of the deep discounting on these items, Dented, Damaged, and Closeout products do not qualify for reward points even if you review them. Most importantly, please keep in mind that products ordered from this discount section are sold as-is and as such are nonrefundable. (However, should you somehow receive an unusable item, simply contact us and we will make it right.)

    Internet Only

    The damaged sale is available for internet orders only. We absolutely cannot accept school purchase orders or phoned-in orders for damaged items since inventory is monitored by the website. Due to the heavy influx of orders, we cannot combine orders here either. Each order must make its way speedily to the warehouse in order to keep our inventory accurate.

    Expect Delays

    Our warehouse crew is standing by at the ready to race your orders out the door. However, due to the massive influx of orders during the sale, we have found that it is best to anticipate an up-to-two-week shipping delay. We'll do our best to beat that, but don't be surprised if it takes a while for you to get tracking.

    Get Ready to Save!

    We often hear from you that this sale is your favorite of the year. The items are often minimally damaged and the savings are significant for those of us on a budget. You're going to love it!