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Welcome to Timberdoodle's annual Damaged Sale The damaged sale is available for internet orders only! We really cannot accept phoned-in orders for damaged items since inventory is monitored by the website.

Are you looking for great prices on slightly damaged or closeout items? You've come to the right place! Please keep in mind the following ordering guidelines:

So that as many customers as possible can benefit from this sale, we will allow a limit of three of any single damaged item number per order. (You can still buy as many different items as you like.)

If a damaged product that is in your shopping cart is sold out, and you have not yet checked out, that item may be cleared from your cart. Because many damaged items tend to sell out quickly, we urge you not to delay completing your order. We don't want you to be disappointed by putting an item in your shopping cart, then later upon checkout finding it sold out. Unfortunately, until you check out and commit to your purchase, you really won't know for sure what you have. We know that can be irksome, but we have yet to find a more satisfactory solution.

Caution to PayPal and Pay With Amazon customers: When paying these methods, you are directed away from our website briefly to confirm your payment. Unfortunately, if an item in your cart sells out while you are paying, it will cause an error that forces you to go back to your cart and click the "Checkout with PayPal" or "Pay with Amazon" button again to confirm your new payment amount, before completing your order. So during the busiest times of this sale, paying with PayPal or Amazon Pay may increase the chances of losing limited-quantity items from your cart!

Also please note that because of the deep discounting on these items, Dented and Damaged products will not qualify for awarding Doodle Dollar Points. Thanks for understanding!

Most importantly, please keep in mind that products ordered from this discount section are sold as-is and as such are nonrefundable. (However, should you receive an unusable item, simply contact us and we will make it right.)