Feelings Flashcards

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Timberdoodle's Review

Feelings Flashcards
Studies show that when you cultivate your preschooler’s social-emotional skills, it can result in not only less aggression and anxiety on your child’s part, but your child will become a better social problem solver. The best way to start is by naming feelings. These colorful, illustrative Feelings Flashcards depicting 40 different emotions make it easy.

Each large, sturdy card has two opposing feelings — for example, brave on one side and scared on the other. When preschoolers learn how to use language to express their feelings, they are laying a foundation for future success in emotional intelligence.

Feelings Flashcards have rounded edges and store easily in a beautifully decorated, hinged box.

From the Publisher:
Todd Parr makes understanding feelings fun with these 20 sturdy flash cards featuring 40 different emotions. Each card shows two opposite feelings, one on each side, rendered in words and lively pictures. Kids will learn what it means to feel silly and serious, calm and nervous, brave and scared, and more.


Size: 5-1/2 x 6-7/8 x 1-1/2 in
Publisher: Chronicle Books
Format: 20 cards, full-color throughout, box with hinged lid
Publication: August 2010
ISBN: 9780811871457
Feelings Flashcards Review by The Learning Momma

review by The Learning Momma

”These flashcards are super fun and colorful. Each flashcard has a feeling on each side, almost always antonyms of one another such as “bored/busy.” They give so much to discuss and explore with each card.”

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Customer Reviews

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So helpful

These cards are fantastic. My 3 year old still asks to use them almost a year later. They are not only helpful for learning emotions, but also opposites. If she is having a tough time, she will often ask to get her feelings cards out to talk about it.

Great start in teaching feelings

We have the most kiddos we've ever had in school at once, including three internationally adopted brothers who came home a year ago. That makes six students, ages 7-17. My oldest daughter (in her 20s) is using these Feelings Flashcards a few times a week during lunch to facilitate group discussion. We learn what God says about feelings and how our thoughts, words, and actions affect others. :) Our adopted boys are quite fluent in their English now, and are growing in their vocabulary. My daughter will usually do a review of all previously learned cards, going around the table and allowing a child to define the feeling and/or share a time when they felt that specific way. We talk about what to do when we're feeling a certain way or how we could help or respond appropriately to someone else feeling that way by centering around a passage of Scripture. "Name it to tame it," when it comes to feelings, is so true! If our kids can use their words to express feelings, they don't feel so big and scary anymore. It also helps us as adults to be compassionate and become more stable under our feelings, or our children's feelings. :) I do wish these had included "envy/jealousy" and "compassionate/sympathetic." They do cover a very broad range of emotions and feelings, however, and the kids love the illustrations. I was concerned they would be too silly, but it helps the kids enjoy the discussion and keeps things lighthearted. HUGE step in talking about what could be a difficult subject. They enjoy explaining the scenario depicted on the card, or, trying to guess why the person/animal is looking that way, if there's no context. What Elisabeth Elliot says is true: "It is a deadly error to fall into the notion that when feelings are extremely strong we can do nothing but act on them.” (From her book Discipline: The Glad Surrender.) Talking about feelings and right ways to respond, has been incredibly helpful, versus just pretending they don't exist or squashing them down or being slaves to them. Thank you Timberdoodle for your recommendations! It's been a new field of study for us these last couple years as we prepared for adoption, so we are thankful to have help in selecting learning tools.


My preschooler likes these fun colorful cards more than I was expecting!


Fun illustrations! There is also a book you buy separately. It helps to reinforce it and makes it easier on mom when trying to explain faces.


Such a fun way to help kids visualize their emotions. Bright colorful fun pics.

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