Plus-Plus Excursion

Plus-Plus Excursion

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Timberdoodle's Review
Plus-Plus Excursion
Hand your child Plus-Plus, and he will intuitively begin to create. Plus-Plus's identical simple shapes glide smoothly together with very little pressure, and because of their slightly rubbery texture, they stay together! Plus-Plus encourages children to think creatively about color, design, and structure. Plus-Plus Excursion is a painless way to develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Relatively new to families in the U.S., Plus-Plus has gained a tremendous following over the last few years in Denmark, where it is used in schools. Included with your Plus-Plus Excursion are over 1,050 Plus-Plus pieces, wheels, chassis, a square baseplate, and three instruction manuals, all housed in a standard Plus-Plus box. In our First-Grade Handbook, you will find quick tips for introducing Plus-Plus to your children, as well as ideas for convergent and divergent models.
  • Standard Plus-Plus box
  • 1,060 color mix pieces (white, black, basic red, basic blue, basic yellow, basic green, basic orange, basic purple, gray, dark gray, lime green, pastel blue, neon pink, neon yellow, neon green, neon blue, neon orange, neon transparent)
  • 1 Green Baseplate
  • 1 White Chassis Baseplate
  • 1 Gray Chassis Baseplate
  • 9 Wheels
  • 3 Guidebooks including the Build, Play, Learn Book

  • Pieces: 1,050+
    Faith-Based: No

    Plus-Plus Excursion Review by The M Word

    review by The M Word

    ”I really do love these. These are super cute.”

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    Plus-Plus Excursion Review by So Every Day

    review by So Every Day

    ”They are the nearly perfect occupation for playing quietly while listening to our nightly novel. Much quieter than Legos. Any age can be entertained by their shapes and configurations, even if it’s just to spell out your own name or your favorite band in bright colors.”

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    Plus-Plus Excursion Review by Making Everyday Magic

    review by Making Everyday Magic

    ”Plus-Plus Excursions is my new favorite building kit in my house.”

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    Plus-Plus Excursion Review by Laura Noelle

    review by Laura Noelle

    ”In a learning environment, Plus-Plus blocks can be used for sorting colors, stacking, tactile math problems, pattern creation, shapes, games and more. Endless opportunity!”

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    Julianne C.
    One of our favorites!

    My 8 and 5 year old love these Plus Plus Blocks. They spend hours upon hours building with them. I would highly recommend purchasing these! Well worth the money.