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Fluenz Homeschool

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Grades: 7+

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Why We Love Fluenz Homeschool
The best way to learn another language apart from actual immersion in the country’s language and culture is through software! And the best foreign-language software for homeschooling families is Fluenz.

Designed to prepare your children for the most common situations they could face in another country, with Fluenz they will develop a strong foundation in how the language actually works. It gives your family the practical dialog they will need to get by in day-to-day interactions. Watch as they progress beyond simple stock phrases to actually building sentences themselves.

With Fluenz you will learn grammar, writing, speaking, listening, and reading in the language you choose. A sizable portion of learning comes from friendly instructors who appear in videos to explain grammar, define terms, and share other aspects of the language – no more guessing at words and meanings from context alone.

The videos of actual native speakers engaged in a typical conversation are extremely helpful, and every new word and sentence you hear in the conversations is broken down for you. Perfect!

Fun, interactive exercises are a mainstay of the Fluenz content.

Move at your own pace, so if you need to take more time to practice, you can. But because their lessons are fun and engaging, you will be motivated to keep learning and progressing.

A continuous assessment of up to three children is possible through the fully customizable Fluenz dashboard. You will be able to see if, when, and for how long your children have actively engaged Fluenz to compare day-to-day performance between different sessions.

Fluenz is synced across multiple devices, so your kids can follow the entire program from desktop to their iPhone, iPad, or Android device.

Do I need the Internet? Does My License Expire?
You will now get Lifetime Access to your purchase, accessed via online streaming on a computer or downloaded to an iPhone, iPad, or Android phone app.

  • Great Tutors: Tutors will take your kids on a magical journey through all our offered languages.
  • Continuous Assessment: Monitor continuous assessment of your kids through the fully customizable dashboard.
  • Step-by-Step Scaffolding: The unique blend of tutor explanations and targeted practice is designed to deliver real results.
  • Synched Across Devices: Your kids can follow the entire program jumping from desktop to any mobile device.
  • Benefits to Owning the Homeschool Version: In addition to the regular version features, you will have access to the Fluenz Homeschool dashboard, which will allow you to add up to 3 separate users, manage their progress and track different data such as time spent in the lessons, percentage of correct answers, the total amount of exercises completed, and overall grade.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Fluenz Spanish

    I am very impressed with this program so far. My son told me that he learned more in the first few lessons than he had in an entire year of another program. I really like that the teaching is explicit so he does not have to guess word meanings or grammar. Exercises are useful. Highly recommend.

    Highly recommended

    We have used a different Spanish curriculum for years. It was great, but their tech support was so terrible that when our next child was ready for Spanish, I looked for something new. Fluenz is fantastic and their tech support is amazing—necessary for me as a technologically incompetent mom.😆
    Fluenz is a very nicely put together program, with amazing photography and a video teacher who does a great job of weaving culture into language lessons. I have two kids using it and both find it enjoyable and engaging. It is self-paced, which is a “pro” for my motivated 7th grade daughter, and a bit of a “con” for my less-motivated 8th grade son.

    Fluenz Homeschool

    Though this program would probably work well for others, it wasn't the most user-friendly for us. It is very in-depth (a plus), but your student has to be willing to dedicate the time to use it, practice with it, and be able to organize themselves to proceed through it. My special needs ninth grader often got frustrated while trying to work through it, and I think it might have gone over better if it had been a little more engaging. That being said, for the student who is willing to devote the time and put in the effort, it may work very well.

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