Storyteller's Card Game

Storyteller's Card Game

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Timberdoodle's Review
Storyteller's Card Game: 300 Words to Take Your Storytelling to the Next Level
A vivid and expressive vocabulary is the cornerstone of writing that sparkles, but who wants to memorize tedious vocabulary lists? Storyteller's Card Game introduces difficult vocabulary in a visually meaningful way. The game is simple: players take turns as the Master Storyteller draws one of the story prompt cards and reads it aloud. "Feeling as though you're being watched." The other players each choose one of the full-color humorously illustrated word cards from their hand that they think best fits the scenario. Will it be presumptuous, audacious, or wary? The Master Storyteller decides which word card is the best match, and whoever played it wins that round.

Developed with childhood literacy experts, the Storyteller's Card Game includes 300 descriptive word cards with definitions that reference the comical drawing on the reverse. There are also 200 story prompts, so this game has endless replay value. Additionally, we have included further ways to use Storyteller's Card Game in our Sixth-Grade Handbook. If you want your children to employ a richer, more precise vocabulary in their everyday speech and writing, start playing Storyteller's Card Game today.

Storyteller's Card Game is designed to be humorous. Do any of the 500 cards sometimes take it too far for your children, either with illustrations or prompts? You decide. If you don't want your children choosing descriptive words for "discovering you have magical powers" or "the teacher's sweaty armpits," you may prefer to redact an occasional card from the deck.
  • 300 word cards, hilariously illustrated by a team of Hollywood artists
  • 200 story prompts to fire kids’ imaginations

  • Publisher: Mrs Wordsmith Inc.
    Copyright: February 25, 2020
    Recommended Age Range: 7-99 years
    Recommended Grade Level: 2nd Grade and Up
    Faith-Based: No

    Storyteller's Card Game Review by Cosmic Montessori School

    review by Cosmic Montessori School

    ”All in all, the Storyteller’s Card Game from Timberdoodle is a sneaky and super fun way to boost vocabulary. I think it’s great for a range of ages.”

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    Storyteller's Card Game Review by Homeschool Happenings

    review by Homeschool Happenings

    ”We all know that learning vocabulary, especially difficult vocabulary, can be tedious and difficult for students. Mrs Wordsmith's Storyteller's Card Game can make learning these words fun.”

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    Storyteller's Card Game Review by Roads to Everywhere

    review by Roads to Everywhere

    "...these cards are designed in such a way that they could easily be used for creative writing or oral storytelling. If you’re looking for a fun way to expand your kids’ vocabulary I highly recommend the Storyteller’s Card Game.”

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    Storyteller's Card Game Review by Project Happy Home

    review by Project Happy Home

    "It’s a great addition to any homeschool language arts program.”

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews

    Such a fun game! And it’s education! Very interesting to see what words are matched with sayings. Only drawback is when I have to set a limit on how long we can play


    A great one for our slower days or just when we play catch up to get us started

    Great for story telling

    This is great for kids who struggle to cone up with ideas for telling or writing stories. My younger child likes this for telling stories out loud!

    Great for building vocabulary!

    My 11 year old has always struggled with language arts so building his vocabulary was a chore for both of us. But he loves playing this game with me. We'll have my husband be the judge most of the time and gets so excited when he beats me. We haven't done any creative writing since it's summer but I can't wait to see how much his vocabulary improves next school year.