4D Cityscape USA History Over Time Puzzle

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Literally Piece Together USA History
Wow, a geography puzzle with a history tutorial built in! The 4-D Cityscape USA History Over Time Puzzle is a unique 4-D puzzle that enables you to incorporate the fourth dimension of time as you piece together the growth of the USA.

Layers Help Illustrate the Passage of Time
The first layer of the USA History Over Time Puzzle is made up of 806 cardboard pieces, and details the territorial expansions that occurred from 1783 to the 1900s. The second layer is made of sixty-five pieces of dense foam, including mountain layers, that are assembled on top of the territorial expansions. Follow the included time poster to assemble and learn the sequence and dates of statehood. This layer presents the United States as we currently know them.

Puzzle Includes 3-D Historical Buildings and Monuments
Finally, and probably a universal favorite, is placing USA History Over Time Puzzle’s ninety-three 3-D historical buildings and monuments in the puzzle in the order that they were constructed. First, snap the pieces free from their plastic bases. Then, using the 4-D Cityscape Time Poster, match the piece to the picture of the model, locate the correct placement on the puzzle, and insert the model into the foam base.

Watch History Unfold Before Your Eyes
Models include The Alamo, Fort Gibson, Hoover Dam, and many more. Fun, challenging, educational, and memorable, the 4D Cityscape USA History Over Time Puzzle allows your entire family to see the defining moments in history unfolding before your very eyes!

**Please Note**
USA History Over Time Puzzle’s original packaging is lightweight. Since it may not hold up well through bumpy transit or everyday use, families might want to consider other long-term storage options.

From the Manufacturer:
4D Cityscape USA puzzle allows you to build the history of the USA over the 4th Dimension of Time. Starting with the base layer, our unique jigsaw play showcases the evolution of the USA - based on territorial expansion from the year 1783 to 1900’s.

You then assemble the 2nd layer “modern” jigsaw map - which showcases the formation all 50 states in a time sequence based on each State’s date of established statehood. The third layer is constructed using the 4D Time Poster where 93 of the most famous US monuments & buildings are placed into the puzzle in the order that they were constructed.

The puzzle includes 93 plastic building replicas that depict the Country as far back as 1450 to modern day. The puzzle includes such iconic structures as Arches National Park, Mount Rushmore, and the St. Louis Arch.

The buildings fit into pre-cut holes in a traditional 2D jigsaw puzzle that form the country’s layout and Rocky Mountains.

The product includes a Time Poster that directs you through time as you rebuild America’s famous history.


  • Finished puzzle measures about 26" x 17" x 2.5" tall
  • Over 900 pieces

  • Publisher: 4D Cityscape
    Our Age Recommendation: 8+
    Publisher Age Recommendation: 14+
    Faith-Based: No

  • 806 cardboard pieces form base map
  • 65 dense foam pieces (including mountains)
  • 93 plastic building and monument replicas
  • Timeline poster
  • Instructions

  • Awards and Endorsements:
    2013 Toy of the Year
    2013 TOY Award
    2012 Parents' Choice Recommended
    2011 Toy of the Year Nominee! Japan & Holland
    2010 Dr. Toy 100 Best Children's Products Winner
    Gift of the Year Winner

    CHOKING HAZARD - Small parts. Not for children under 3 years.
    4D Cityscape USA History Over Time Puzzle Review by Flanders Family Homelife

    review by Flanders Family Homelife

    ”We took about 5 days in all to finish the entire puzzle. The process was very educational, as we were able to see the country grow before our very eyes.”

    Read the Review
    4D Cityscape USA History Over Time Puzzle Review by Flanders Family Homelife

    review by Flanders Family Homelife

    ”The idea is that you would assemble this 4D map in stages. First, you’d put together the states – as they were claimed as territories, in historical order. Second, you’d finish each state as it became an official state with a different layer of foam puzzle. Next, you’d add in monuments and memorials in 4D fashion – in time order as well.”

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 19 reviews
    Lacey K.
    Educational but challenging.

    Puzzles are a group activity around here and as my kids get older, it's more difficult to find group activities for all ages.
    This one was really cool. It IS hard though. And we didn't exactly go in the entirely correct order - but we mostly did and still loved it for all ages.

    Jennifer L.

    Fun but definitely challenging!

    Jessica B.

    We loved this. The whole family spent two days working on it, and it was so much fun!

    Good, but Challenging

    This puzzle was a bit challenging, although we enjoyed it. I helped my ten year old quite a bit with the first layer, but she did the rest independently. The pieces are too similar, so they often fit together almost perfectly when they shouldn't, which, when the pieces are the same color (like the ocean), makes it hard to figure out whether you've got the right piece in the right place or not. Once we got into the actual states, it was a bit easier, because there are words and lines on the pieces, rather than just colors. The first layer definitely requires a lot of patience and time. The second layer went much faster, as did the third. I didn't particularly think that the little buildings were obvious, though. They could have done a much better job of designing them to be recognizable. Some didn't seem like obvious choices, either. Sometimes the pictures that were alongside them of other landmarks seemed like better choices. Still, we enjoyed putting it together.

    Ann L.
    Interesting, but lacking in accuracy!

    I completed this with my teenage son as part of his US History & Geography studies. As others have said, the base layer is very difficult, with numerous pieces masquerading as others. It took us days to realize a piece we had placed on the Canadian border belonged closer to Mexico. The chronological progression of our country's borders was interesting and a refreshing change from just reading about westward expansion. However, the factual errors really annoyed me! For a puzzle that costs nearly $40, one would hope they could spell Oregon Country properly; place Arches National Park, the Everglades, the Liberty Bell, and other landmarks in the right state; and provide plastic landmark pieces that don't require trimming with a sharp craft knife to place into the top layer. As a learning tool, the concept was great. But I suggest you challenge your students to find the errors in the puzzle as they put it together.