Rubbabu 3D Animal Shape Sorter

Rubbabu 3D Animal Shape Sorter

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Timberdoodle's Review

Seriously Soft Rubbabu 3-D Animal Shape Sorter
The soft, squishy, and downy-to-touch Rubbabu 3-D Animal Shape Sorter is a perfect first puzzle for younger children. From 8 to 24 months, when children are too young for puzzles with small pieces, they are still ready to learn animal shapes and colors.

9 Handmade Animal Shapes
Even the tiniest of children can pick up, examine, and play with the nine brightly colored shapes. Then, with a gentle push, they can place the shapes back in their soft base. The seriously soft, velvety surface offers tactile stimulation. Handmade of natural rubber foam, the 3-D Shape Sorter is anti-microbial, dust-mite resistant, mildew resistant, hypo-allergenic, and flame resistant.

Because these items are handmade variations and slight imperfections are normal and are part of the character of the product.


The Rubbabu toy is soft, spongy and tactile because it is made of natural rubber foam and covered with a smooth velvety surface. Natural and green, safe for even the smallest baby, hand made from the best ingredients, Rubbabu toys are completely unique across the world.

They have won numerous accolades, most recently four Dr. Toy's Awards for Best Vacation Children's Products for 2010, Parents Choice 2010 Recommended and Fun Stuff and the Toy of the Year and other awards from the Creative Child Foundation.

Manufacturer's Information
Manufacturer: Rubbabu Inc
Made In: India

Materials: Made of natural rubber foam. Not suitable for those with latex allergies!

Not a teething toy: This toy is safe for all ages. However, teething children may be able to bite the rubber with their sharp teeth - thus, the manufacturer has specified that it is not a teething toy.


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Great tactile toy!
So Simple, but So Powerful
Spacial Reasoning for Tots!

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