Building Blocks of Science 1 Study Bundle

Building Blocks of Science 1 Study Bundle

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About Real Science-4-Kids Building Blocks of Science
Kids ask real science questions. Building Blocks of Science enables them to discover real science answers. Because science disciplines are so interlaced, to learn one subject requires a foundational understanding of another. Building Blocks of Science addresses this by introducing students to the five core scientific disciplines of chemistry, biology, physics, geology, and astronomy.

With Building Blocks of Science, students learn science in a sequential and logical order, beginning with basic building blocks of science and expanding on these as they advance in grade level. Hands-on experiments for each chapter encourage critical thinking, experimentation, and creativity.

Exploring the Building Blocks of Science is a year-long graded program for grades 1-7 covering all five core disciplines each year. It’s based on an upward-spiral teaching method where disciplines are repeatedly visited and built upon over months and across grades, which is proven to lead to better long-term mastery of facts and concepts.

Building Blocks of Science is written to accommodate both secular and Christian homeschoolers. The publisher, Real Science-4-Kids, has received several awards, including the Practical Homeschooling Reader Awards. The study bundles contain a student textbook, teacher’s manual, and laboratory notebook, as well as printable lesson plans, quizzes, and a study notebook. See our optional lab kit here.

What Topics are Covered in Book 1?
Exploring the Building Blocks of Science Book 1 has 22 chapters, with four chapters about each of the five core science subjects (chemistry, biology, physics, geology, and astronomy), plus an introductory and a concluding chapter. Topics include a general introduction to science, an overview of the scientific method, and how chemistry, biology, physics, astronomy, and geology all participate in shaping the field of study we call science. Students learn about atoms and how atoms combine to form molecules; how chemical reactions work; the difference between living and non-living organisms; what viruses and bacteria are and where they live; what force, work, and energy are and how they're related; the rocks and minerals that form our planet; volcanoes and earthquakes; Earth, the Moon, the Sun, and our solar system; and much more.

Experiments include: observing chemistry in everyday life, making model molecules, sorting objects, observing living and nonliving things, exploring the concept of work in physics, testing gravitational stored energy, observing dirt and rocks, exploring lava flows, modeling solar and lunar eclipses, observing the Moon, and many more.

If you would like a convenient, time-saving way to get nearly all of the materials you will need for the experiments, we now offer a lab kit! This lab kit is already assembled with virtually every non-household item the curriculum requires, so you won't have to go searching for elusive components.

Study Bundle Includes:
Three books:
  • A full-color, hardcover Student Textbook that your child reads to learn the building blocks of science
  • A softcover Laboratory Notebook that guides your child through real data-driven, hands-on experiments
  • A softcover Teacher’s Manual that contains information about how to set up the laboratory experiment and lists the materials needed

  • Plus the following digital products:
  • A Study Notebook that contains activities to help reinforce each lesson and provides a place for the student to record their ideas
  • An adjustable Lesson Plan to help you create the schedule that works for you
  • A Quiz set with 2 midterms and a final exam

  • View Building Blocks of Science Book 1 Sample. Sample set includes 3 chapters each of the student text, teacher’s manual, and laboratory workbook, plus the corresponding chapters for the lesson plan, study notebook, quiz question, and graphics package.

    Not sure if this is the right level for your student? Check out this assessment chart.

    Get the optional Lab Kit for Building Blocks of Science 1 here.

    Publisher's Information:

    Student Textbook
    Pages: 195
    Format: Hardcover
    Chapters: 22

    Teacher's Manual
    Pages: 94
    Format: Softcover
    Experiments: 22

    Laboratory Notebook
    Pages: 232
    Format: Softcover
    Experiments: 22

    Study Notebook
    Format: Downloadable product (student prints and assembles)
    Layout: Full-color (pdf)
    Answer Key: Black and white with instructions (pdf)

    Lesson Plan
    Format: Downloadable product (you print)
    Layout: Full-color (pdf)

    Format: Downloadable product (you print)
    Includes: (2) Midterm Quizzes (chapters 1-11 and 12-22), plus (1) Final Quiz
    Layout: Black and white (pdf)

    Publisher: Real Science-4-Kids
    Faith-Based: No

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Packed with fun information
    Really enjoyed the Kindergarten kit
    Amanda, Building Blocks of Science is indeed a different approach from Boom Science. Building Blocks of Science is a more systematic and thorough approach to science rather than the fun, flashy science included in the Kindergarten kit. But that doesn't mean that it can't be convenient too. Good news!!! There is now a lab kit available to assist homeschoolers with procuring most of the components they will need to complete the experiments in BBS. You can find out more here: We hope the convenience of this lab kit brings this curriculum up to the next level of awesome! --The Timberdoodle Team
    Perfect Science curriculum
    Stephanie, thank you so much for your feedback. We always want our products to be a just-right fit for our customers' families, and we're sorry to hear that wasn't the case with Building Blocks of Science. Thanks for taking the time to share your experience with your fellow customers and with us! - the Timberdoodle Team

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